Meet our mixing specialist for chemical applications

How did HASLER Group become an expert in the continuous mixing of chemical products ?

Continuous processor UCP is a  mixer which has the advantage of mixing very viscous mixtures with a slow speed, no pressure and management of the residence time to obtain the ideal dough.

Technical interest of the UCP :

  • Allows for rather hard mixes
  • Allows to make very viscous paste mixes and very effective on this mixture (= homogenization and dispersion in a viscous mixture)
  • Performs the continuous process and is part of a lean manufacturing logic (producing from A to Z without interruption)
  • Guarantees the proportions defined in advance Resists abrasion

Case study :

Historically, Processing has been an activity taken over by HASLER Group in 2012 with the acquisition of RPA Process, a company which had more than 50 years of experience in the chemical industry.

The case began about ten years ago when RPA Process approached a customer following a call for tenders for equipment capable of mixing a chemical from silica gel. The customer is a big player in the bulk sector, that is, chemical mass products that use ingredients such as silica, calcium carbonate and others. In this sector, many processes are carried out by batch and HASLER Group then proposes a transition to the continuous process. The call for tenders therefore resulted in the sale of a UCP 200 for a production line at our Italian neighbors, after successful several laboratory tests. The client’s goal was to improve the performance of the production line (high throughput) and gain in efficiency. Success at this production site led to the sale of a pilot UCP, a UCP 75, for sample production for customers, and a UCP 25, to test a large number of formulations.

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