New dry support table for horizontal vacuum belt filters

Is your belt support table causing too recurring technical shutdowns and maintenance difficulties?

HASLER Group has the solution

HASLER GROUP has designed a new belt support table design that does not use water, drive belts or compressed air.


No water consumption

No drivng belts

No compressed air

One Table support, many advantages

This system makes it possible to obtain a flatness of the table, guaranteeing optimal washing and spinning filtration performance

Indeed, in the event of a problem with a roller, or if it no longer turns correctly, you do not have to stop your filter to repair it. Since the linear contact area between the roller and the belt is small, the belt does not wear out. You can therefore repair the roller during your next maintenance or shutdown phase.

Regarding the maintenance aspect, it is easy to replace a worn roller, all you have to do is loosen the nut and the support bracket disengages. We can therefore recover the roller and its spacer. A single operator can undertake this operation to change the used rollers.