The vacuum box lifting device by HASLER GROUP is designed to facilitate maintenance, optimize process performances of your equipment while guaranteeing a high level of safety.

The vacuum box is one of the most important parts of the equipment and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Also there are movable dams inside the vacuum box that have to be set in accordance with the feeders on top of the filter.
It is therefore important that the inside of the vacuum box can be easily accessed.

boîte à vide de filtre à bande sous vide HASLER Group

view of the vacuum box inside the filter

HASLER Group’s vacuum box : how it works?

  • Pressure is fed to bellows which inflate and safety locks are removed
  • Pressure is removed and bellows deflate. Vacuum box tilts at an angle of 40°
  • Bellows are inflated, vacuum box goes back into position and safety locks are put back into place. Pressure is dropped.

The vacuum box : the heart of the belt filter

Advantages of the vacuum box:

  1. Increased availability:
    • Reduce downtime of equipment – vacuum box can be dropped in less than 1 minute
    • Reduce operator cost – only one operator without special tools.
  2. Performance :
    • No product dilution
    • The movable dams in the vacuum box can be easily set in accordance with the position of the feed boxes guarantee no mixing of the filtrates
  3. Sécurity
    • Vacuum box tilts at an angle of 40°. High pressure cleaning can be performed without entering the filter.


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