Your lab test laboratory to test your formulas and processes at HASLER Group

Chemical testing for high viscosity materials with continous kneaders and mixers

Our laboratory can test a wide variety of process and helps you prepare the industrial production stage for your viscous mixture

Extrudeuse bivis de laboratoire

Continuous mixers :

• 2x UCP 25 – until 200kg/h
• 2x UCP 50 – until 1.000kg/h
• Product internal pressure and temperature measurements
• Several temperature control zones for each kneader (up to 3)

dosuer de laboratoire

Dosing equipment

• 1x weigh belt feeder – until 1.800l/h
• 2x screw feeders – until 80l/h



• Thermal regulation unit (-20°C / +200°C)
• 1x Single screw extruder 2’’
• 2x Single screw extruder vis 4’’

All in one kneader

Extrudeuse bivis avec 2 axes co-rotatifs

A paddle arrangement adapted to your process

The organization of paddles enables successive steps to achieve the expected final product.

Industrialisation & performance

Two co-rotating shafts

The two rotating shafts provide better homogenization and ensure consistent quality of the final product


Multiple feeding and degassing points, wide feeding section

Offer the opportunity to exhaust the undesirable components

Lab size industrial mixers and kneaders for developing your applications.

high viscosity application production with hasler group kneaders and mixers

Our industral laboratory helps you to test and develop new products.

Extrudeuse bivis avec 2 axes co-rotatifs

Develop new formulas !

Industrialisation & performance

Anticipate your project


Get ready for continuous process