Working together for industrial performance!


Come and take part in a stimulating, high-impact experience.

The industrial sector is constantly evolving and needs talented people to contribute to this transformation.

At HASLER Group, every member of our teams contributes to the high-performance solutions that drive industries around the world.

Our company specialises in dosing, agitation, filtration and mixing, making us one of the leading suppliers of solutions for the continuous process industry. If you share our passion for optimising industrial processes, join us to develop your potential and have an impact on the world of tomorrow.



To help shape industry together!

We are a community of passionate professionals dedicated to renewing the industrial world.

By joining us, you can be part of a collective force working together to influence the global industrial transformation.

Our community is built on a common framework of values that resonate with ambitious people seeking purpose and impact.

Discover our world

The way we work

Be part of the change

The world is changing, and so is industry.

At HASLER Group, we are committed to shaping industry performance, and every talent counts.

Every member of our teams has the power to contribute to better-performing industry: safer, more productive, smarter and more sustainable.

Thanks to our expertise in dosing, agitation, filtration and mixing, we are at the forefront of solutions for the continuous process industry.

The way we work

A global impact

At HASLER Group, our playing field has no boundaries.

Our involvement in multiple global industrial projects and problems gives our talented staff the opportunity to share their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of continuous operations in industry.

Working in the process industries means interacting with many different sectors around the world.

By working in all these different sectors, we stimulate inventiveness, drive industry forward and position ourselves as an international force in the fields of dosing, agitation, filtration and mixing.

The way we work

Career and skills development

At HASLER Group, we value opportunities for learning and growth.

We believe they are among the key drivers of an exciting workplace culture, leading to the expansion of skills and knowledge, increasing job satisfaction, improving professional networking, and keeping our staff and customers competitive.

Whether you’re new to industry or an expert in your field, at HASLER Group you’ll discover a world of opportunities at every stage of your career.

Diversity and inclusion

At HASLER Group, we attach great importance to creating an inclusive environment.

We value diversity in every team.

A diverse, inclusive workplace is one where every employee feels involved and supported.

The way we work

Challenges are opportunities to make a difference

At HASLER Group, we believe in the value of responding to challenges.
These challenges are what drive your expertise and our industry forward.

As a company renowned for our specialist expertise in dosing, filtration, agitation and mixing, we provide high-added-value solutions for the continuous process industries.
Join our team and discover our combination of agility and global reach!

How we recruit

From candidate to colleague

Our recruitment process ensures that every step guides you towards a fulfilling career with our teams.


Step 1

Job application:

Have you seen a job that interests you?

You can apply online using our contact form or on LinkedIn!

Step 2

Selection & Interviews:

This is an opportunity to find out about each other’s expectations and for you to ask any questions you may have.

You will meet the human resources team, then your future line manager and possibly one or two other experts in your field.

Step 3

Offer & Signature:

The recruitment offer is finalised.

Your HASLER Group adventure is about to begin.

Step 4

Your integration :

An induction process will be organised for you before you arrive.

You'll receive support throughout this induction process


A wide variety of missions and career options!

At HASLER Group, we offer a variety of professional opportunities to shape your career, whether you are in the technical, commercial, engineering, purchasing or any other field!


Looking for an internship or a work-study program?

If you’re a student and want to discover experiences that will shape your career, join us! Our internship and work-study programmes are designed to offer you experience, professional appeal and an opportunity to contribute to high-impact projects.

New perspectives and career stepping stones

Joining our team as an intern or work-study student means entering a world of new perspectives. You’ll be part of a dynamic environment where your ideas are valued and your talents encouraged.

Global reach and exposure

Our international presence means that your HASLER Group experience knows no geographical boundaries. Work with professionals from all over the world, broaden your cultural horizons and contribute to projects on a global scale.

Advantages of the HASLER Group adventure

Experience isn’t the only thing you’ll gain with us. As an intern or work-study student at HASLER Group, you will have access to mentoring, training and opportunities to develop skills that will set you apart in your future career.

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Unsolicited application

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Are you a student?

Are you a student?

Internship and work-study opportunities.