GRAVIT : Belt feeder

GRAVIT : High-precision universal belt feeder for granular materials

The GRAVIT dosing solution is particularly suited to continuous industrial processes (24/7). Its turndown range of up to 1:100 makes it a unique solution in the high-precision industrial dosing market. This accuracy of ±0.25% is guaranteed over the entire dosing flow rate range.

With its robust design, folded side rails and integrated self-centring and self-tensioning system, it guarantees constant precision in dosing of the materials being transported.

It is modular and versatile, and available in five belt widths (650 mm to 1,400 mm) and its length can be adapted to the needs of the application. It adapts flexibly to the needs of continuous processes to optimise industrial dosing operations.

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Advantages of the GRAVIT belt feeder

High-precision and consistent dosing

The GRAVIT belt feeder is equipped with a self-centring and self-tensioning system, that keeps the belt in the optimum position, ensuring dosing precision and consistency accurate to ± 0.25%.

Reinforced strength and endurance

The folded stringers of the GRAVIT system reinforce the structure of the feeder, increasing its resistance to mechanical stresses and its durability.

Increased stability

The self-tensioning roller maintains constant tension on the belt, optimising stability and reducing the risk of failure during operation.

Easy servicing and swift maintenance

The GRAVIT industrial feeder is designed with a quick belt change system that only requires a possible belt calibration.

Optional integrated and reinforced protection

GRAVIT is a feeder that can be fully enclosed to increase operator safety and reduce dust in the environment.


The GRAVIT industrial belt feeder system is available in 5 belt widths (from 650 to 1400 mm) and in lengths adapted to the application, offering a tailor-made solution for every industry.

Applications for the GRAVIT belt feeder 

The GRAVIT belt feeder is a gravimetric belt weighing solution that optimises continuous industrial processes (24/7) with annual maintenance:


Clinker, gypsum, limestone, clay, anhydrite, slag and other granular products


Fertilisers, urea or carbamide, phosphates, phosphate rock, ammonium, ammonium sulphate


Iron ore, slag, pyrite, iron, alloys, coal bricks, calamine, metal pellets


Shredded tyre waste or nut shells…  


Chemicals, plastic pellets, additives, plastics (cut), rubber, ash, mixture, phengite, gypsum, lime / pellets, fertiliser, limonite, graphite, calcined clay, coke…

Description and operation of the GRAVIT industrial belt feeder


The GRAVIT belt feeder is specially designed to satisfy the requirements of industries continuously (24/7), and stands out for its sturdiness, specifically due to its folded stringers that provide good structural stability.

It offers a flow range of up to 1:100 with accurate and consistent dosing of ±0.25% over the entire dosing range.

Its integrated self-centring system optimises the dosing accuracy of conveyed materials, guaranteeing precise distribution of materials.

The GRAVIT industrial dosing system integrates a self-tensioning roller that maintains constant belt tension. This feature ensures stable and reliable operation of the feeder within a wide range of industrial applications.

The GRAVIT industrial feeder is available in five belt widths (from 650 mm to 1,400 mm), with a length adapted to the requirements of the application, to satisfy modularity needs specific to continuous process industries.

This dimensional flexibility allows optimum adaptation to a variety of industrial applications, making the GRAVIT feeder a versatile choice to improve the efficiency of dosing operations in an industrial context.


Operation :

The material is extracted from the storage silo by the belt, and is then conveyed to the weighbridge. The transport distance between the weighbridge and the dosing jetty enables the flow rate of the transported materials to be calculated precisely.


Option :

The GRAVIT industrial belt feeder is available with a number of options:

/ Spillage conveyor : The spillage conveyor collects particles that escape and returns them to the dosing jetty, to keep the environment of the feeder clean.

/ Hammer gate : The hammer gate regulates the flow of bulk material in the dosing process, allowing precise control of the flow rate.

/ Vibrating inlet hopper : A vibrating inlet hopper ensures a regular and continuous flow of materials, and reduces the risk of blockages caused by sticky products (damp gypsum, clay, etc.).

/ Extended inlet hopper : This option favours the flow of materials with poor flowability.

/ Reinforced inlet hopper: A reinforced inlet hopper facilitates the flow of highly abrasive products such as clinker.

/ Single or double plate gate / Rod gate / Digital sensors : These options offer precise control of the flow rate and improve the dosing accuracy of transported materials.

/ Material cover : The material cover prevents contact and the emission of dust.

/ Special high-temperature conveyor belt: Solution designed for high temperatures suitable for processed materials at temperatures of up to 150°C.


The GRAVIT belt feeder can be controlled by the SCMIII material flow control system. This controller collects the data and signals needed to calculate the flow rate, totals and regulation functions. The SCMIII PDU console receives and displays all the data and alerts generated throughout the dosing process in real time.

HASLER Group global support service


To improve the efficiency and availability of your industrial dosing solutions, our specialists deliver a comprehensive range of services, including:

/ Technical audits and industrial process audits, and also in-depth tests.

/ On-site services including installation, commissioning, maintenance, assistance and remedial or preventive repairs,

/ Provision of material tests, simulations and dosing tests.

/ Revamping, retrofit and upgrade services to optimise the reliability of your dosing equipment, with or without remote assistance.

/ Retrofit and revamping services to improve your industrial dosing processes, covering changes to processes (flow rate, materials), resolving production defects (clogging, fusion, feeder precision) and extending the operating range (speed 1–100%).

/ Mechanical retrofit and revamping services for your dosing equipment, including abrasion resistance (belt), calibration chain and zeroing.

/ Revamping/retrofit/upgrade services to ensure ATEX compatibility.

/ Training on your equipment to enhance the skills of your maintenance or production teams.

/ Advice and supply of spare parts, and particularly controllers, electronic boards (I/O, communication, etc.), display and programming consoles, weight sensors (digital and analogue), mechanical parts (rollers, drums, extrusion screws, etc.), rubber belts, metal plates and speed measuring equipment (encoders, measuring wheels, etc.).