AOUSTIN FILTERS : Vacuum table filters 

AOUSTIN TABLE FILTER: Industrial vacuum filtration for liquid-solid separation

AOUSTIN tabletop filter is a continuous vacuum filtration system designed to meet the requirements of large-scale facilities producing phosphoric acid and other fertilisers, or metals such as iron and zinc or alumina. This is the filtration solution that offers the lowest production cost per square meter.

Productivity is maximised by this robust and reliable design, resulting in guaranteed high quality for final products and optimum recovery of mother liquors, without dilution. With a filtration area of up to 320 m² (3,444 ft²), it has a high filtration capacity.

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AOUSTIN Table Vacuum Filters advantages

Exceptional performance

High cake washing efficiency, optimised quantity of washing liquid, good slurry distribution to keep cake thickness constant and uniform. This filter provides a high-quality output, optimal efficiency and preservation of product integrity due to the specific design of the vacuum box.

Water savings

Reduced clean water requirements due to an optimised filter cloth washing system arm ramp, and recovery of filter cloth washing water, then used to wash the cake.

Cost control

Reduced costs for operation & maintenance due to low number of wear parts.

High flexibility

Flexibility in positioning of slurry feeder, cake washing chutes distributors, and barriers dams, due to supporting carriage and rotary joint of piping for optimal adjustment to suit your specific process and cycle timing.

Chemical and mechanical resistance

This filtration equipment is designed in stainless steel, offering corrosion-resistance for all parts in contact with the product (e.g. phosphoric acid).It is also designed to be robust and to withstand mechanical stresses. This industrial filter gains strength from having a spine-like mechanically-welded structure as its central column. This steel load-bearing structure can withstand harsh environmental conditions, with resistance to vibration, impacts and high mechanical loads.

A table made of highly corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, makes it suitable for use in environments in which aggressive chemicals are present, e.g. in the chemical industry.


Thanks to its robust design and resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses, the AOUSTIN filter has an average service life of 30 years.

A flat filter table

the filter table is fitted with a floating system for optimum adjustment to ensure that the filter is on a perfectly level surface. This means that the pulp slurry can be distributed evenly, with constant cake thickness, which improves filtration performance.

Optimal washing

This item is equipped with distributors designed for optimum distribution of the washing liquid. It also has several washing distributors and a dam for each distributor. It also has an movable dam, which allows a sectorial "pool" to be created.

Optimum filtration

The air flow rate required to achieve the desired humidity is independent of pressure drop across the cake.

Fluid and uniform rotation

Thanks to the circular drive ring on rollers, combined with use of a control unit with frequency inverter and suitable gear motor

Flexibility in adjustment

Discharge available for dry or wet cakes. Flexibility of positioning and adjustment of distributors and barriers by use of supporting carriages and a rotary joint on the feed pipe, providing an optimum process.

Large range of sizes

Available from 9 m² to 320 m² (96.8 sq. ft. to 3,444 sq. ft.)

Applications of AOUSTIN Table Vacuum Filters


Phosphoric acid, phosphate rock, potash, NaCl, Mg salts, aluminium (Bauxite), Zinc and Cadmium…


Iron, zinc or alumina...

Operating principle and description of the AOUSTIN vacuum belt filter


/ Description :

The AOUSTIN vacuum table filter consists of a flat rotating table and an independent steel support structure.

Designed with a relatively low number of moving parts, the filter will guarantees output of a high-quality end product, with maximum efficiency, and avoids any dilution of your product.


/ Operating principle :

Filter operation is divided into 4 stages: filtration, cake washing, cake drying (3 vacuum stages) and cake extraction (without vacuum).

The slurry is directed to the filtration table where the liquid-solid separation is performed, until the cake (as dry as possible) is extracted using an extraction screw. Additional cake washing phases may be added to obtain significant recovery. The cake is then washed (multiple washes possible, direct or counter-courant) in order to obtain significant recovery before the cake is extracted (as dry as possible) using an extraction screw.

HASLER Group global support service


To improve the performance of your table filters and the availability of your industrial filtration installations, our experts can help you with:

/ Services to revamp or retrofit to improve your filters where they are used in harsh and aggressive operating conditions: cleaning of clogged equipment, upgrading of materials weakened by a corrosive environment: rehabilitation of the filter table, ring or parts in contact with your product, levelling of the table and ring level adjustment.

/ Advice and provision of spare parts: table, perforated sheets, grids, riders, rubber belts, filter cloths, mechanical parts (rollers, idlers, pinions), wear parts (wear plates, friction disc, wear disc), washing and discharge (sprayers, valve, etc.).

/ Technical audits or industrial process audits.

/ On-site services such as installation and commissioning, maintenance, assistance or repair.

/ Provision of material filtration tests and other filtration tests: product characterisation using Büchner test.

/ Training in use of your equipment to improve the skills of your maintenance or production teams.

/ Revamping, retrofitting or upgrading services to ensure that your vacuum table filters are reliable for your process: Floating filtration table, optimised cloth washing arm, latest-generation vacuum unit, optimised perforated sheets…

/ Revamping and retrofit services to improve your filtration processes: original performance (humidity, cake washing, filtrate recovery, vacuum), process defects (slurry feed, washing, removal, cleaning clogged cloths).

/ Mechanical retrofitting and revamping services: equipment adjustment: vacuum unit adjustment, relevelling of filtration table, reconditioning of perforated sheets…