MAMMUTHUS : Apron extractor weigh feeder

MAMMUTHUS : Apron extractor weigh feeder for large-scale extraction, high flow rates and difficult materials

The MAMMUTHUS apron extractor weigh feeder combines the robustness of a metal apron extractor feeder with the functionality of a belt feeder. Its transport speed is regulated according to the material load, ensuring precise, constant metering. The MAMMUTHUS is a versatile industrial feeder system that is entirely enclosed for continuous process. It combines a discharge feeder with a belt feeder in a single piece of equipment, minimising footprint and maintenance.

Its accuracy of ±1% makes it an essential solution for industrial dosing in continuous processes.

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Advantages of the MAMMUTHUS discharge apron feeder

2-in-1 industrial equipment for high flow rates

The MAMMUTHUS industrial feeder combines a discharge feeder and metering capability in a single piece of equipment, reducing the footprint and maintenance of the equipment.

Optimum performance

Its mechanical design, based on a double (or triple) chain system, guarantees high load capacity and increased reliability.

Precision and reliability

With an accuracy of ±1%, this feeder equipment for heavy industry ensures reliable measurements and consistent performance over a long period.

Easy servicing and maintenance

The inspection doors integrated into the MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder simplify maintenance operations and ensure the continuity of the industrial process. This product requires only a simple annual check (light maintenance). It is suitable for products with a high moisture content that are generally difficult to extract: gypsum, clay, etc.

Enhanced durability

Its robust, durable construction adapts seamlessly to the harsh, severe operating conditions of the continuous process industry (24/7).


The MAMMUTHUS feeder solution is available in five apron widths and four lengths as standard, adapting to a wide variety of applications.

Applications for of the MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder 

The MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder is a machine with weighing on a metal belt that is particularly suitable for conveying difficult-to-extract materials, as well as abrasive products.  It has been used for over 25 years in the : 


Limestone, gypsum, clay, pozzolana… 


Iron ore, steel extraction, copper, zinc


Other versions of the MAMMUTHUS are available to meet different industrial constraints and requirements :

Description of the MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder


The MAMMUTHUS gravimetric discharge feeder is equipped with two force sensors (digital load cells), an impulse sensor in its geared motor and an index passage detector to synchronise segmented derating when the apron is empty.

For even finer measurement, the MAMMUTHUS metal apron feeder incorporates belt slip measurement that gives the actual weight at the feeder outlet (drop point).

The MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder provides constant, accurate automated metering of difficult-to-extract materials under severe, demanding conditions.

It consists of a large extraction section, a metal apron conveyor belt and two digital load cells for precise metering of the materials transported.

The MAMMUTHUS discharge feeder is also equipped with inspection doors to facilitate commissioning and maintenance for continuous feeder processes.

Connectivity : It can be controlled by the SCMIII controller, a material flow control system, which collects the data and signals needed to calculate flow, total quantities and regulation functions. All the information and alarms generated during the feeding process are transmitted to the SCMIII PDU console and displayed in real time.

Option :

/ The equipment can be fitted with a chain-driven recovery system (scraper) to optimise industrial cement processes: transverse scrapers driven by two side chains collect escaped particles to transport them to the common discharge point.

/ Barred gate: the gate consists of equally spaced bars along the entire length of the MAMMUTHUS inlet hopper, isolating it from upstream material in the event of interventions on the machine.

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To improve the performance and availability of your industrial feeder solutions, our experts offer you a comprehensive range of services:

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/ Revamping, retrofit and upgrade services to make your feeder systems more reliable, with or without remote assistance.

/ Retrofit and revamping services to improve your industrial feeder processes, covering changes to processes (flow rate, materials), resolving production defects (clogging, fusion, feeder precision) and extending the operating range (speed 1–100%).

/ Mechanical retrofit and revamping services for your feeder equipment, including abrasion resistance (belt), calibration chain and calibration.

/ Revamping /retrofit/upgrade services to ensure ATEX compatibility.

/ Training on your equipment to enhance the skills of your maintenance or production teams.

/ Advice and supplies of spare parts, including controllers, electronic boards (I/O, communication etc.), display and programming consoles, weight sensors (digital and analogue), mechanical parts (rollers, drums, extrusion screws etc.), metal aprons, speed measurement (encoders, measuring wheels).