LUMPP sealless top-entry industrial mixer

LUMPP top-entry industrial mixing solution for continuous processes

LUMPP sealless top-entry mixers are designed to be installed in open tanks at atmospheric pressure, with an internal temperature not exceeding 100°C. This series of mixers has been specially developed to meet current industrial mixing requirements. They ensure optimum mixing efficiency for products with a density of up to 1500 kg/m3 and a viscosity of up to 1500 cps.  

All the LUMPP industrial mixer ranges are developed to be compatible with continuous processes, to ensure mixtures are kept homogeneous 24/7.  

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Advantages of the LUMPP sealless top-entry industrial mixer

Energy saving

Superior hydraulic performance with reduced power consumption.

Hydraulic performance tailored to your needs

Thanks to the wide variety of impeller profiles available, LUMPP industrial mixers are specified to ensure a high level of performance, improving the efficiency of your processes while limiting reagent consumption and optimising reaction times.

An optimised industrial mixing solution

Guaranteed adaptation to your process and building constraints thanks to our teams, who evaluate and verify hypotheses in terms of economics, ergonomics and productivity.

Easy maintenance

simplified maintenance compared to other submerged mixers.


The mechanical structures are specified to offer a large safety margin and guarantee a high level of reliability.


ATEX compliance for installation in hazardous areas.

Applications of the LUMPP sealless top-entry mixer


Flocculation, reagent preparation, coagulation, remineralisation, pH adjustment, neutralisation, sludge conditioning…


Polymers, silicone & derivatives…


Fertilisers, hydrometallurgy, mineral processing 


Starches, dyes…


Paints, inks, fine polymers…


Ethanol, biodiesel…

Description of the LUMPP sealless top-entry industrial mixer


These LUMPP mixers are used for industrial processes involving liquid/solid mixtures (held in suspension), miscible liquid mixtures such as dilutions or solutions, solid/liquid dispersions, liquid/liquid dispersions (emulsions), homogenisations, heat transfers or storage. LUMPP mixers are always specified to offer the level of performance required to provide the most effective response to your needs.

ATEX certified, this top-entry mixer complies with the most stringent installation safety standards. 

/ Motor power: 0.18 to 30 kW
/ Speed: 10 to 1,500 rpm
/ Shaft length: up to 10,000 mm
/ Varied impeller profiles: High-efficiency axial impellers (LA, LC, L BS, LB 2, 3 or 4 blades), axial turbines with inclined blades (2 to 6 blades, blade angles & widths adjustable on an individual basis), radial turbines, turbines with curved blades, anchors, etc…
/ Impeller diameter: over 4,000 mm
/ Wet parts: stainless steel (304L, 316L, 904L, duplex and super duplex), nickel alloy, carbon steel, Halar, Ebonite, butyl or other coatings
/ Mounted via an inlet in the tank roof on a free-standing framework

LUMPP industrial mixers can also be specified to operate in batch processes.

HASLER Group global support services for LUMPP mixing solutions


Our team of experts in LUMPP sealless top-entry industrial mixer solutions offers:  

/ Computer simulations known as CFD to simulate the flow of a product in a tank under the effect of the mixer in three dimensions, making it easier to develop, optimise and validate mixer systems in accordance with the specifications, based on the calculations involved and their interpretation.

/ Rheology audits and tests to ensure optimum efficiency for your mixing solutions.

/ On-site services ranging from installation to commissioning.

/ Services designed to upgrade/recondition/retrofit equipment in order to:

  • Make your mixers more reliable: fatigue sizing of components (mechanical reinforcement, blade, shaft, etc.)
  • Make your processes more efficient: optimising your mixing processes by adapting them to new operational constraints, e.g. improving yield or adapting to a change in the process.
  • Make mechanical improvements to your equipment: dealing with the obsolescence of existing equipment when it breaks down (changing parts: shaft, impeller, seal, supports, junction flange, etc.)
  • Provide advice on how to improve the environment: mixture properties (corrosive or abrasive products, etc.); atmosphere (saline, corrosive air, explosive atmosphere etc.)

/ A complete support package from maintenance to repair.

/ Supply of spare parts for the industrial mixing infrastructure: mixer shafts, blades and impellers, mechanical seals, geared motors.

/ A wide range of training modules on the use, optimisation and maintenance of your LUMPP industrial mixers.