VERNAY FILTERS : Industrial rotary vacuum filter

VERNAY ROTARY FILTER : Vacuum drum filtration for continuous solid-liquid separation

The VERNAY filter is a continuous rotary vacuum drum filtration solution. It is specially designed to efficiently separate solids from liquids in the processing of chemicals, minerals, fertilisers or hydrometallurgical products.

Its advantages: a 98% 24/7 availability rate, a high level of cake drying performance, reduced initial investment and operating costs, a minimal footprint and the possibility of covering it completely with a hood to protect the product to be filtered or the external environment.

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Advantages of the vernay rotary vacuum drum filter

Very high availability

With a continuous availability rate of 98%, it ensures maximum filtration efficiency, guarantees uninterrupted production and optimum use of resources.

Reduced footprint

The VERNAY industrial rotary filter takes up less floor space in a factory than other filtration technologies, for an equivalent filter surface.

Drying performance

This high-performance filter dries the cake well, and offers different types of cake discharge depending on the type of product. The cake can also be washed or moistened using spray ramps.

Clear and limpid filtrates

With the pre-coat version of the rotary filter, slurry with a low solids content can be filtered, and filtrates that are as pure and clear as possible without solids can be recovered.

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX

VERNAY's drum filter technology is characterised by low energy consumption, minimal maintenance, increased durability and optimisation of resources.

Chemical and mechanical resistance

This industrial vacuum filter is robust due to its design and a choice of material suited to the process, and is also compatible with the solvents.

Maximised safety

It is fully enclosed and a hood can be installed to ensure safety by limiting the risk of leaks of hazardous products and protecting operators from potential accidents. This protection system also protects the product to be filtered if it is fragile or if it must not be exposed.

Precision, speed and reliability

Its design with electric cylinders allows fine regulation, a high return speed to reduce the time between each pre-coat application (productivity gain), real-time feedback on the customer's monitor of the position and speed of the scraper, so that production can be adapted to each need.

Easy maintenance and adjustment

It can be fitted with removable covers to ensure ease of maintenance and provide easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance operations.

Large range of sizes

From 0.5 m2 to 89 m2.

Applications of the VERNAY rotary vacuum drum filter


Phosphoric acid, nitrogen fertilisers and phosphate fertilisers (MAP, DAP, TSP, DCP…) 


Precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, etc.), uranium, copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, cadmium, iron, alloys, potash, brine, NaCl, magnesium salts, aluminium (bauxite), titanium dioxide, mineral aluminas, gypsum, silica, radioactive waste, carbon and graphite, lead and tin…


Treatment of industrial wastewater 


Calcium carbonate / Clay…. Specialty polymers and resins


Building materials, plaster, technical ceramics


Pulp and paper, cellulose chemistry


Flue gas desulfurization & treatment of cement dust and other kilns

Description and operating principle of the Vernay rotary vacuum drum filter


Description of the VERNAY filter:

/ The configuration of drum cells and appropriate construction materials will be adjusted by our filtration experts, depending on the nature of the product to be filtered and the type of discharge.

/ In addition, a range of complementary equipment will be recommended: separator tanks, filtrate pumps, vacuum pumps, automatic or simple valves, sensors and an optimised instrumentation and control system designed for the filtration processes…

/ It can be offered with an integral tank or supported by an independent carbon steel frame, depending on the size.

/ The slurry to be filtered is put into suspension using an oscillating mixer to prevent sedimentation of solid particles and assure better homogenisation and consistency of the slurry.

/ Integral tank or supported by an independent carbon steel frame.

/ Drums available made of polypropylene, steel (unlined or lined with rubber), stainless steel and other materials depending on your process.

This filter has a variety of options:

/ Internal suction pipes optimised for efficient performance.

/ 4 discharge modes: fixed scraper (NR), roller lifter (RL), output cloth (TS), and micro-metric scraper (NP) and micro-metric scraper (NP) for process with pre-coat filter…

/ Pre-coat version and design for slurry with low solids content (< 5-10%) to obtain clear and limpid filtrates.

/ Version suitable for standard paste from 10% to 0.01% by weight for pre-coat systems.

/ CIP (Clean In Place): internal cleaning of the filter.

Operating principle of the VERNAY filter or rotary drum vacuum filter:

/ The slurry is in a bath in a trough, then the cake is created on the drum by the suction created by the vacuum, and the filtration cycle begins.
/ Filtration then takes place throughout the rotation of the drum (i.e. over 270°), and the cake is then blown and separated to recover it as dry as possible.
/ The filtrates are recovered through the filter cloth and from the entire surface of the drum.
/ One or more cake washing ramps or pressure rollers can be added during the filtration cycle.

HASLER Group global support for rotary drum vacuum filters


You need a partner that you can rely on for filtration processes essential for your mission, to optimise the performance of your production operations. To improve the performance of your industrial filters and the availability of your industrial filtration installations, our experts can help you with:

/ Technical audits or industrial filtration process audits.

/ On-site services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, assistance or repair of filters.

/ Material tests, simulations and filtration tests: product characterization by Büchner test, filtration tests in our laboratory or on your site to size the equipment adapted to your process.

/ Filtration training courses to increase the skills of your maintenance or production teams.

/ Revamping, retrofit or modernisation to make your vacuum rotary filter more reliable:

Cake discharge (micrometric, cake removal…)
Latest design micrometric scraper, more efficient filtrate recovery dispenser, more efficient oscillating mixer, enclosure by hood…

/ Revamping / retrofit to improve your filtration processes: original performance (humidity, cake washing, filtrate recovery, vacuum), continuous process defects (washing, discharge).

/ Advice and supply of spare parts: drain boards, filtration cloths, mechanical parts, wear parts (slide strips, belts etc.), washing and discharge (sprayers, etc.), sensors and detectors etc.