WFC : digital controller for belt feeders

WFC digital controller : Control the performance of your belt feeders

The WFC (Weight Feeder Controller) is a digital controller specifically designed to control HASLER Group belt feeder systems. When connected to analogue or digital sensors, it can process all input data such as weight, speed and set points, while it controls the gear motor system.

This control equipment, available in wall-mounted and panel-mounted versions, can be used to regulate flow rate/mass and to perform accurate calculations of total amounts of materials conveyed, to maximize the performance of your belt feeder.

This digital controller offers complete management of your process, with an intuitive human-machine interface that includes a view of dosing system status and alarms, and a keypad to control the weighing system.

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Advantages of the WFC digital controller

Intuitive & user-friendly interface

Fully configurable home page, keypad with 13 keys giving you fast access to the main functions and an LED backlight function offering you an instant view of the system status.

Advanced filtering options on the load cell

Designed to increase measuring accuracy and stability, particularly useful in environments that are subject to external interference, which could affect results.

WFC digital controller applications

The WFC digital controller is a dedicated item of equipment designed for control of belt feeder solutions. It must be used in combination with HASLER Group equipment, for a multitude of industrial applications:


Cement, clinker, anhydrite, slag and other products, clay-based refractory materials, bauxite or limestone, alternative fuels such as industrial wood chips, plastic film, cardboard, used tyres, animal meal and other recycled products such asshredded tyre waste or fruit shells…


Fertilisers, urea or carbamide, phosphates, phosphate rock, ammonium, ammonium sulphate


Chemicals, plastic pellets, additives, plastics (cut), rubber, ash, mixture, phengite, gypsum, lime / pellets, fertiliser, limonite, graphite, calcined clay, coke, powders, pigments


Iron ore, slag, pyrite, iron, alloys, coal bricks, calamine, metal pellets, coal

Description of the WFC digital controller


The WFC digital controller has been developed specifically for continuous weighing and feeding applications, to control a HASLER Group belt feeder. To measure the weight in a belt feeder, there are two types of load cells that can be used, as both are compatible with the Weight Feeder Controller:

/ Analogue sensors : based on a strain gauge sensor (over 65,000 points)
/ Digital sensors : SFT type (one million points)

All data collected by the system is shown in a display on the front of the controller in multiple languages (including Russian and Chinese) and provided via industrial communications: Modbus TCP (Ethernet), Modbus RTU (RS422), Profibus DP (RS485).

Key features :

/ Flow rate measurement
/ PID controller (for flow rate and feed)
/ Belt control (offset, slippage)
/ Segmented tare function

Compatibility :

This digital control device must be used in combination with HASLER Group belt feeder equipment, including:


Technical specifications


/ Environmental conditions :

Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Storage temperature: -25°C to 70°C
Operating altitude: < 3000 m
Maximum humidity: 95% at 25°C non-condensing (DIN 40040 Class F)
Ingress protection: IP65

/ Integrated inputs/outputs :

Digital inputs (standard) (24 V DC): 10
Digital outputs: 9
Dedicated digital inputs: 2
Dedicated analogue input: 1
Dedicated analogue output: 3

/ Standards:

EMC: EN 50081-2
Immunity: EN 50082-2
Electrical safety: EN 61010-1

/ Power supply :

Voltage: 115 V AC +/-10% to 230 V AC +/-10%
Frequency: 47 – 63 Hz
Maximum consumption: 50 W
Inrush current: 2 A for 2AC for 1 or 2 power supply cycles

/ Characteristics of inputs/outputs :

Digital inputs: 5 – 24 – 48 V DC / 24 – 120 –230 V AC
Digital outputs: 24 V DC / 230 V AC / SPST-DPDT relay
Analogue inputs/outputs: 0 – 20 mA / 4 – 20 mA / 0 – 10V



Our specialists are ready to offer you a full range of services aimed at improving the performance and availability of your industrial dosing digital control systems, including the following:

/ Technical audits, industrial process audits and tests based on laboratory tests.

/ On-site services, such as installation, commissioning, servicing and preventive or corrective maintenance operations.

/ Provision of material tests, simulations and feed system precision tests.

/ Retrofitting, revamping or upgrading services with the aim of:

  • Improving the reliability of your belt feeder systems with or without remote assistance
  • Optimising your processes by adapting them to new flow rate or material requirements, addressing production faults such as clogging, fusing and accuracy problems, while adjusting the operating range to cover speeds from 1 to 100%.
  • Maximising the efficiency of your mechanical equipment, in particular by resisting abrasion, especially on items such as mats and belts.

/ Specific training modules for your solutions, designed to give your maintenance and production teams stronger skills.

/ A comprehensive support package is provided, offering you advice and providing you with spare parts, including:

Electronic cards (I/O, communication, etc.)
Weight sensors (digital and analogue)
Display and programming consoles
Mechanical components (rollers, drums, extrusion screws, etc.)
Metal plates
Speed measurement devices (encoders, measuring wheels).
Rubber belts