POWDRIT : belt feeder for powders

Powder belt feeder POWDRIT : Precise measurement of powdery materials

The POWDRIT belt feeder is a complete solution for industrial processes requiring precise metering of powdered materials. The modular design and sealed settling chamber of this powder feeder ensure the stability of the powdered materials, guaranteeing consistent performance.

Its accuracy of ±1% makes it an indispensable solution for weigh feeding in various industrial applications. This feeder solution offers smooth, safe operation thanks to its high-quality conveyor belt and comprehensive dust extraction system. 

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Advantages of the POWDRIT powder feeder

Precision and reliability

This equipment feeds to a precision of ±1%, and ensures accurate measurements in all conditions.

Performance and intelligence

Its patented high-quality belt centring and tensioning system ensures automatic belt alignment and optimum tension. Its SFT digital sensor (optional) and ultra-precise electronic control enhance the performance of the POWDRIT feeder.


This equipment has been designed by our mechanical experts to guarantee robust, long-life construction suited to demanding, severe operating conditions.

Simplified servicing and maintenance

Easy servicing and maintenance for optimum use.


Thanks to its chassis designed to be adaptable in terms of length and width. It is available with five belt widths and four lengths in the standard configuration to suit a wide variety of applications.

Applications of the POWDRIT powder feeder




Powders, pigments…



Description of the powder feeder


The POWDRIT powder feeder guarantees precise feeding of powdered materials thanks to a multi-stage process.

It consists of an inlet hopper, a conveyor belt, a weighbridge and a settling chamber.

The POWDRIT is fed by a pre-dosing system, with weight measured by an SFT digital sensor. The material is transported on a high-quality belt, and the feeder is electronically controlled to maintain constant precision.

Finally, it has a dust extraction hood for a clean, safe working environment.

Connectivity : The POWDRIT powder feeder is controlled by the SCMIII controller, which collects the data and signals essential for calculating flow, total quantities and regulation functions. All the information and alarms triggered during the feeding operation are also transmitted to the PDU console and displayed in real time.

HASLER Group global support services


To improve the performance of your equipment and the availability of your industrial installations, our experts can help you with:

/ Technical audits or industrial process audits and tests : feeding precision test.

/ Supplies of material tests, simulations and filtration tests.

/ Revamping, retrofit and upgrade services to make your feeder systems more reliable, with or without remote assistance.

/ Revamping/retrofit services to improve your industrial feeder processes: Changes to processes (flow rate, materials), production defects (clogging, fusing, feeder precision), extended operating range (speed 1–100%).

/ Retrofit and mechanical revamping services for your feeder equipment: abrasion resistance (belt), calibration chain.

/ Des services de rétrofit, revamping mécanique pour vos équipements de dosage : résistance à l’abrasion (tapis, bande), chaine d’étalonnage et de calibration.

/ Revamping /retrofit/upgrade services for your ATEX compatibility.

/ Training on your equipment to upgrade the skills of your maintenance or production teams.

/ Advice and supplies of spare parts: controller, electronic boards (I/O, communication, etc.), display and programming consoles, weight sensors (digital and analogue), mechanical parts (rollers, drums, extrusion screws, etc.), rubber belts, metal weighing elements, speed measurement (encoders, measuring wheels), etc.