LUMPP XXL industrial agitator or mixer

LUMPP HEAVY-DUTY MIXER : For strong industrial performance

LUMPP heavy-duty mixers are specially designed to operate optimally in extremely demanding continuous processes in large tanks, providing a mixing process for the purposes of lixiviation, precipitation or any other chemical reaction.

These heavy-duty agitation solutions are manufactured to handle large loads with high levels of torque up to 100,000 Nm. They are equipped with an agitator shaft up to 20 m long and impellers up to 6,000 mm in diameter.

The entire range of LUMPP industrial mixers is carefully designed to operate without interruption in continuous processes, ensuring homogeneous mixes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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High processing capacity

LUMPP XXL mixers are developed for large-scale production, enabling large volumes of liquids or materials to be processed while ensuring homogeneous mixtures in very large tanks.

High level of resistance to difficult conditions

Designed to operate under demanding conditions, LUMPP heavy-duty mixers are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures and corrosive environments. Featuring a speed reducer with a high service factor, this continuous industrial mixing solution guarantees robustness and efficiency.


The guide turret limits the transmission of load from the speed reducer, optimising its longevity.

Custom industrial agitation solution

Our experts are able to ensure the equipment adapts perfectly to the constraints of your processes and buildings. They carefully evaluate and test hypotheses, focusing on economics, ergonomics and productivity to ensure an industrial mixing solution perfectly tailored to your needs.


ATEX compliance available to ensure safe use in demanding environments.



Nickel, zinc, gold, cobalt, copper etc.


Phosphoric acid, diammonium phosphate (DAP), urea, superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate etc.


Tank conditioning, flocculation, reactive preparation, coagulation, chlorine, polyacrylamide, aluminium sulphate, ozone, activated carbon, chloramine etc.


Crude oil, natural gas, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene etc.

Description of the LUMPP XXL industrial mixer


The LUMPP XXL mixer is designed to fit very large tanks, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. 

Available with ATEX certification, this large-format mixer meets the most stringent installation safety standards.

Technical characteristics of this industrial agitation solution:

/ Power: 30 to 600 kW
/ Rotational speed of impellers : 10 rpm to 150 rpm
/ Maximum torque  : 100 000 Nm
/ Shaft length  : up to 20 000 mm
/ Impeller diameter : up to 6 000 mm
/ Materials  : CSRL, 316L, 904L, duplex & super duplex stainless steel, nickel alloy

HASLER Group global support services for LUMPP mixing solutions


Our team of experts in LUMPP heavy-duty industrial mixers offers:  

/ Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a three-dimensional simulation of the agitation of a product in a tank. This method simplifies the process of developing, optimising and validating agitation systems in accordance with the specifications, based on the calculations involved and their interpretation. 

/ On-site services ranging from mixer installation to the commissioning of agitator equipment, maintenance and repair. 

/ Rheology audits and tests to ensure the optimum efficiency of your mixing systems. 

/ Supply of spare parts to guarantee the efficiency of your equipment: agitator shafts, blades and propellers, mechanical seals, geared motors and torque limiters. 

/ Services to modernise/recondition your equipment in order to: 

  • Make your agitation processes more reliable: dealing with material fatigue (mechanical reinforcement, blades, shafts, etc.).
  • Optimise your mixing processes: adapting to new constraints (improving yield, homogenisation, dilution, etc.).
  • Improve the mechanics of your process: avoid equipment breakages (shafts, impellers, seals, supports, junction flanges, etc.).

/ Provide advice on how to improve the environment: mixture properties (corrosive or abrasive products, etc.); atmosphere (saline, corrosive air, explosive atmosphere etc.).

/ A wide range of training modules to enable the optimum use of your industrial mixers.