LUMPP Agitator for biogas digesters and anaerobic digestion processes

LUMPP MIXER FOR BIOGAS DIGESTERS : Optimise the performance of anaerobic digestion processes

LUMPP biogas digester agitators are the key to efficient and productive anaerobic digestion. Optimising digestion times, these industrial agitators offer a complete solution for tanks ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 m3, improving process efficiency in wastewater treatment, waste management, biomass treatment plants or chemical industries. 

Inside the digester, the LUMPP industrial agitator plays a crucial role, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the substrates and the sludge temperature. Its design prevents the formation of crust and sedimentary layers, helping to maximise the recovery of biogas 

The presence of a hydraulic guard or a mechanical seal ensures complete gas tightness while meeting ATEX standards to guarantee the safety of anaerobic digestion plants 

To improve the energy efficiency of agitation, the mixer can be equipped with temporary reverse rotation and blades with a streamlined leading edge to prevent the accumulation of fibres. 

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Optimised digestion time

LUMPP agitators significantly reduce digestion time, improving the overall efficiency of the anaerobic and biogas digestion process.

Maximum biogas recovery

The design of this continuous mixing solution prevents the creation of crust and sediment layers, optimising biogas recovery and limiting unwanted downtime.

Homogeneous substrates and sludge temperatures

LUMPP industrial agitators ensure that substrates are distributed homogeneously and maintain a constant sludge temperature, creating ideal conditions for anaerobic digestion.

Guaranteed gas tightness

The hydraulic guard (or mechanical seal) ensures complete gas tightness, with an integrated level transmitter to ensure that the seal is maintained at all times.

Ease of assembly

Thanks to its special mounting plate and impeller blade attachment system, choosing the LUMPP agitator means tank installation is simple.

Simplified maintenance

The hydraulic guard sealing system with no wearing parts makes maintenance easy.



Sewage sludge…


Sewage sludge, reuse of food waste and organic industrial waste… 


Manure, post-harvest crop residues…


Biogas from anaerobic digestion (methane, carbon dioxide)

Description of the LUMPP biogas digester agitator


LUMPP biogas digester agitators are designed to adapt perfectly to digester conditions, combining large diameters with moderate speeds to produce maximum torque while minimising energy consumption.  

These LUMPP mechanical agitators feature ATEX-certified motors and an extension fitted with a tapered roller bearing housing for guiding long lengths.  

They are specially designed and manufactured to operate continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with the following specifications: 

/ Motor power:up to 37 kW
/ Hydraulic protection: 10 to 120 mbar 
/ Shaft length: up to 25 metres 
/ Impeller diameter : up to 6,000 mm 
/ Tanks: from 1,000 to 6,000 m3

These industrial mixing solutions are manufactured with two impeller levels:  

/ The strategically positioned upper impeller prevents the formation of crust and foam on the surface of the liquid. 

/ The lower impeller is carefully positioned to ensure optimum particle suspension (avoiding accumulation at the bottom of the tank) and guarantee uniform temperature throughout the volume of liquid. 

HASLER Group support services for LUMPP biogas digester agitators

Our team of experts in LUMPP biogas digester agitators offers:  

/ On-site services ranging from installation to maintenance via commissioning.

/ Computer simulations to validate mixing behaviour using CFD. 

/ A wide range of training modules on using and optimising your equipment. 

/ Rheology audits and tests to ensure optimum efficiency for your mixing solutions. 

/ Supply of spare parts: agitator shafts, blades and propellers, mechanical seals, geared motors and torque limiters. 

/ Services to upgrade/recondition equipment in order to: 

  • Make your anaerobic digestion processes more reliable: dealing with material fatigue (mechanical reinforcement, blades, shafts etc.) 
  • Make your processes more efficient: optimise your mixing processes by adapting them to new constraints, improving yield, homogenisation, dilution, chemical reactions etc. 
  • Improve your anaerobic digestion processes mechanically: dealing with obsolete existing equipment when it breaks down (changing parts: shafts, impellers, seals, supports, junction flanges etc.) 
  • Provide advice on how to improve the environment: mixture properties (corrosive or abrasive products, etc.); atmosphere (saline, corrosive air, explosive atmosphere etc.)