We are HASLER Group

About us

Industrial performance accelerator

HASLER Group is a major player in industrial transformation.

We offer a unique range of multi-skilled solutions for continuous industrial processes: precision dosingfiltration (solid-liquid separation)mixing and kneading.

From cement and fertilisers to hydrometallurgywater & effluent treatment, flue gas desulfurization (FGD), mining & chemical processes, we help the industrial world to overcome its challenges.

Our solutions are based on the skills of our talented staff and the reputation of our equipment, which has been at the heart of industry for 50 to 140 years.

We place our expertise, our history, our experience and our passion at your service to provide you with ever-better support, for a long time to come.

Our business

Driving industrial performance

Contributing our industrial expertise in dosing, filtration, mixing and kneading with equipment tailored to our customers’ requirements and challenges throughout their life cycle.

Optimising and sustaining the availability and performance of our customers’ industrial equipment at the key stages of their continuous processes: from audit to design, from manufacturing to installation, from commissioning to maintenance.

Our mission

Helping global industry to overcome its challenges

Imagining and creating optimum continuous process solutions to help manufacturers transform and reinvent themselves.
Supporting the cement, fertiliser, hydrometallurgy, water and effluents treatment, FGD, mining (metals and minerals) and chemical industries in their efforts to optimise the treatment of materials at the heart of their processes and to help them meet their challenges.

For HASLER Group, every factory and every industrial process is unique, and industrial transformation involves many challenges.
Our passion for solving problems to improve industrial performance is part of our DNA.

Our vision

Transforming industry for a better world

Industrial performance has an impact on our daily lives (cities, mobility, communications, health, consumer goods, etc.) and contributes to all our futures.

Industrial transformation is essential if we are to overcome the technological, human and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

At HASLER Group, we envision a future where industrial processing operations are safer, more productive, more modular, smarter and more sustainable.

Our ambition

Being at the heart of the challenges facing global industry

Supporting our customers’ performance and competitiveness over the long term as a creative, reliable and dynamic partner.
Our commitment highlights the crucial industrial know-how in our areas of activity.





Values ​​embodied by the HASLER Group brand

Like the roots of a tree firmly rooted in the ground, the values embodied by our brands nourish us and ensure our growth.


We draw our strength from the collective. We share our skills, our ideas and our passions. We are committed to building our shared ambition, while encouraging individual fulfilment by listening to and providing personalised support for each employee.


Striving for excellence and favouring quality over quantity, we raise standards to offer informed expertise and rise to your challenges. Our aim is to offer our customers the very best products so that we can continue to meet their expectations more and more effectively. Our highly qualified professionals place their experience and skills at your service.

Professionalism & experience

We know our business, and we know our customers’ business. Our watchwords are precision, rigour, hard work, advice and service.


We are always curious, attentive and agile in every situation and in the search for solutions. We take the initiative in order to anticipate change and adapt effectively.





Values ​​that drive our people

These values guide our behaviour and define how we act and what we stand for. HASLER Group is a global company with employees from all parts of the world and from very different cultural backgrounds.


Right to make mistakes.


Team spirit,
Mutual assistance,
Passing on knowledge,


Diversity of products and services,
Cultural diversity,
Diversity of customers and industrial expertise,


Giving meaning,
Achievable targets,
Setting an example,

Global presence

Operating in a global market, HASLER Group has been selling its products in more than 140 countries for over 140 years.
Our range of products and services is tailored to national markets, and we have local offices.

HASLER Group addresses

HASLER Group Implementation

4, avenue Pablo Picasso
92 000 Nanterre
+33 1 56 83 83 83

ZI de l’Abbaye – 496 rue Louis Bréguet
38780 Pont-Evêque
+33 4 74 16 11 50

HASLER Maghreb
83, Lot. Jouahara
24 000 El Jadida
+ 212 5 23 35 01 91

HASLER Shanghai
No 666 Huabo Road – Lansha
Industrial Area – Huating Town
Jiading District
Shanghai 20186
P.R. China
+86 21 60766718 (Ext)

HASLER Germany
Airportcenter II, Eingang West 3.OG
Hüttruper Heide 90
48268 Greven
+49 2571-5403400

HASLER Switzerland
Rue du Puits-Godet 10a,
2000 Neuchâtel
+41 32 7 202 300

Manufacturing Plant
Rue de Moulins,
61170 Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe
+33 2 33 81 13 00

HASLER Academy
Barcelona Training Center
Riera Blanca 194-190, 5º3
08902 Barcelona
+ 34 933 310 545

Hasler Map


To maintain and develop the trust of our customers, we always aim to take their needs into account in our efforts.

We have a quality management system in line with industry standards.

As part of this management system, in direct line with changes in European regulations and with a corporate culture focused on the importance of personal and equipment safety, we chose SGS-TUV Saar France for our ISO 13485 certification.


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