RBP : Loss-in-weight feeder for powders – granules

RBP loss-in-weight feeder based on the principle of controlled loss in weight

The RBP loss-in-weight feeder is a gravimetric feeder for supplying controlled quantities of powdery or slightly granular bulk materials. It is designed for precision feeding. The RBP feeder is available in several size and capacity ranges to meet the needs of the most varied industrial applications.  

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Advantages of loss-in-weight feeders

Precision feeding

Metering accuracy of ±0.5%, ensuring compliance with manufacturing specifications for powdery and granular products.

Simplified servicing and maintenance

The inspection cover at the bottom provides easy access for servicing and maintenance.

Secure, reinforced seal

The adjustable cable gland is fitted with a system of baffles and Teflon braids for maximum sealing.

Varied range of materials

Available in S235-JRG2 steel, 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel, offering flexibility to suit the specific needs of your application.

Optimum centring

A bearing is included at the screw output to reduce the overhang, improving the system's stability.

Applications of the loss-in-weight feeder


Ground slag, anhydrite, silica fume, plaster, cement, lime


Iron sulphate, detergents, pesticides, fertilisers, cleaning products…


Ground slag, coke fines, furnace dust...

Description of the loss-in-weight feeder


The RBP loss-in-weight feeder is an industrial device used for the weigh feeding of powdery or slightly granular materials. It consists of a feed hopper, a worm conveyor, a weighing system and a control system. It operates according to the principle of controlled loss in weight with the following main characteristics:

/ Stabilised accuracy: ±0.5%.
/ Flow rate range: from 12 l/h to 14 m3/h.
/ Completely enclosed feeder system.
/ Easy to maintain with little need for cleaning.
/ Manual or automatic feed.


Connectivity of the loss-in-weight feeder : The control module, also known as the SCMIII controller, ensures a stable flow rate at the output from the RBP loss-in-weight feeder by adjusting the rate to the defined setpoint. All the information and any alarms occurring during the feed process are then transmitted and recorded on the PDU console in real time.

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To improve the performance of your equipment and the availability of your industrial installations, our experts can help you with :

/ Technical audits or industrial process audits and tests : testing the feed precision

/ On-site services such as installation, commissioning, maintenance, assistance or repair

/ Supplies of material tests, simulations and filtration tests

/ Revamping, retrofit and upgrade services to make your feeder equipment more reliable, with or without remote assistance

/ Revamping/retrofit services to improve your industrial feeder processes : changes to processes (flow rate, materials), production defects (clogging, fusing, metering precision), extended operating range (speed 1–100%)

/ Retrofit and mechanical revamping services for your feeder equipment : abrasion resistance (belt), calibration chain

/ Revamping /retrofit/upgrade services for your ATEX compatibility

/ Training on your equipment to upgrade the skills of your maintenance or production teams

/ Advice and supplies of spare parts : controller, electronic boards (I/O, communication, etc.), display and programming consoles, weight sensors (digital and analogue), mechanical parts (rollers, drums, extrusion screws, etc.), rubber belts, metal weighing elements, speed measurement (encoders, measuring wheels), etc.