GUITTARD MX series : double Z-arm industrial extrusion kneader

GUITTARD MX series : Industrial kneader with Z-arms

GUITTARD MX series kneaders are kneading machines capable of handling up to 10,000 litres of material. Renowned for their robust, durable design, these industrial kneaders offer an efficient solution for high-viscosity kneading processes. The kneading action of the sigma blades breaks down the material, ensuring a perfectly uniform mix.

The shape of the Z arms provides extensive coverage of the tank, ensuring an even mix of materials while effectively breaking up agglomerates. The strategic positioning of the arms enables efficient torque transfer and ensures constant kneading power, ideal for complex processes.

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Advantages of the GUITTARD MX series Z-arm kneader

Extensive tank coverage

The Z-shaped arm design of this industrial mixer guarantees optimum tank coverage, ensuring even kneading throughout. Its design reduces dead zones to ensure even distribution of raw materials.

Rugged drive mechanism

The GUITTARD Z-arm kneaders feature an ultra-heavy-duty drive mechanism specially designed for high-viscosity kneading applications.

Long equipment lifetime

Each double Z-shaped blade in a GUITTARD industrial mixer is powered by a self-contained drive system, ensuring efficient torque transfer, reliable operation and increased durability, even in demanding environments.

Flexibility and customisation

The modular design of this sigma blade kneader allows easy customisation to adapt the kneading process to the specific needs of each application.

Optimisation of the kneading process

The MXE model is equipped with an extrusion screw that significantly improves the kneading process while transferring and forming the final product. This version makes it easier to integrate the kneader into continuous process production systems.

Advanced options

Stationary or tilting units, single-screw extruder models and electric or hydraulic drive systems to fulfil any operational need.

Other safety and anti-wear options

Explosion-proof components, heated or cooled blades with internal channels and a wide range of hard-wearing materials to prevent wear caused by abrasive products.

Applications of the GUITTARD MX series Z-arm kneader


Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium…


Copper, gold, silver, zinc, aluminium… 


Sealants, bulk technical silica, specialist polymers and resins, radioactive waste, bayer aluminium and alumina, plastics, carbon and graphite, glues, mastics, adhesives, paints, pigments, inks, colours, toners, lubricants…


Clay, alumina, silica, ceramic pigments…


Resins, adhesives, solvents, polymers, pigments, plaster 


 Polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, additives


Essential oils, waxes, emulsifiers, preservatives, colourings


Lithium, nickel, cobalt, electrolytes, polymers


Oils, food colourings, chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, additives, crystallised fruits…

Description of the GUITTARD MX series Z-arm kneader


The GUITTARD Z-arm mixer consists of two blades mounted on parallel shafts, rotating in opposite directions. The blades are generally curved or inclined, creating a trough-shaped kneading chamber. The rotation of the Z-blades generates a shearing action, kneading, folding and thoroughly kneading the material.

The blades of the Z-arm mixer move in a zigzag pattern, crossing over each other to effectively fold, stretch and knead the material to be mixed. Its operation ensures that the agglomerates are completely mixed, dispersed and broken down.

Working capacity : up to 10,000 litres (2,642 gallons)

Option :

/ Loading and unloading: stationary, tilting or bottom valve unloading units (depending on production)
/ Drive systems: electric or hydraulic
/ Insulated trough design for material heating or cooling
/ Independent blade arm drive with differential rotation speeds and adjustable ratio.
/ Extrusion screw to optimise the kneading process by transferring and forming the final product. (enables simplified integration into a continuous process)

Reliability: meets CODAP, ASME and TÜV international standards

This series of industrial kneaders is available in several ranges (MX 0.4, MX 1, MXE 1, MX 2, MX 6, MX 15, MX 30), offering a solution tailored to each process.

HASLER Group global support services for GUITTARD kneading solutions


To maximise the efficiency of your kneading equipment, our experts can guide you throughout your project, based on your analysis, to offer you:

  • Tests in our laboratory
  • Tests at your site with equipment hire (with or without assistance, depending on your requirements)

The tests are carried out with complete confidentiality, focusing on innovation around the formulation or process, to assess feasibility, effectiveness and/or sizing.

Our team can help you with :

/ Services covering everything from assembly to commissioning of your equipment.

/ Comprehensive support encompassing maintenance, repair and remote assistance.

/ Conducting metering audits and tests, assessing kneading performance and characterising the final product to ensure optimum efficiency of your kneading solutions.

/ Supplies of spare parts including kneading shafts and arms, feed or extrusion screws, moving parts, gearboxes, shielding, sealing braids and temperature sensors.

/ Equipment upgrade/revamping services are available to:

    • Improve the reliability of your kneading systems by addressing equipment wear.
    • Optimise your processes and adjust them to new constraints.
    • Enhance the robustness of your kneading equipment for use in harsh environments (compatibility with explosive, saline or corrosive atmospheres).

/ Mechanical retrofit services to replace damaged parts, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

/ Training modules on using and optimising your industrial kneaders.