LUMPP Universal industrial agitator and mixer with seal

LUMPP INDUSTRIAL MIXERS AND AGITATORS WITH SEALS : Quality, reliability and profitability

LUMPP continuous agitation solutions have played an essential role in industrial fluid mixing since 1875. LUMPP mixing equipment ensures uniform distribution of the components, helping to ensure the optimum quality of the finished product.  

Choosing a LUMPP mechanical agitator: 

/ Promotes homogeneous mixtures
/ Increases productivity
/ Minimises costs
/ Reduces batch processing times
/ Optimises reagent consumption
/ Improves product quality

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LUMPP agitators operate continuously. Suitable for industrial environments, they are fitted with blades designed to ensure uniform mixing. This level of performance optimises mixing processes and reduces the need for treatment operations.

Modular design

To adapt to industrial applications of different specifications.


LUMPP agitators with seals can be installed in all types of closed tanks. They can be fixed to an ISO or ASME standard flange, or provide a solution when vertical space above the installation is limited.

Simplified installation and maintenance

A system for removing the seal housing without draining the tank and dismantling the geared motor can be produced on request.

Safe seal

dry-running single mechanical seal, fluid- or gas-lubricated double mechanical seal, gland, chicane or labyrinth type seal, V-ring seal or hydraulic guard. The systems available can be configured for installation in ATEX zones. Sealing systems can also be supplied with an FDA certificate.


Expert design from LUMPP, the specialist in agitation solutions for industrial processes since 1875.



LUMPP agitators with seals are used in water treatment for anaerobic digestion applications. They facilitate the release of methane. The hydraulic guard or mechanical seal ensures that no methane is lost. 


LUMPP chemical agitators are used to create homogeneous mixtures of complex chemicals, such as resins, polymers, emulsions, technical silicas or ceramics.  

In the production of coatings and paints, for example, LUMPP chemical agitators ensure the uniform dispersion of pigments and additives to achieve high-quality finishes.
Sealing requirements are particularly strict in the fine chemicals sector.
Our agitators are designed to operate under conditions of high pressure and temperature inside the tank, or to offer guarantees that they will operate in your installations and avoid any risk of toxic materials being released in your premises.


These industrial mixers are used to homogenise minerals, pulps and suspensions. They help to separate components and optimise yields in mineral concentration and treatment processes, while ensuring the suspension of solid particles. 


They are used in the manufacture of stationery products such as inks, adhesives and treatment agents. They ensure uniform mixing of the ingredients, contributing to the quality of the final products.


Agitation solutions can play a crucial role in the manufacture of medicines, particularly for mixing creams and gels. They guarantee the homogeneity of drug formulations, ensuring the quality and stability of pharmaceutical products.

Description and operation of the LUMPP continuous industrial agitator or mixer with seals


A LUMPP agitator consists of: 

/ A drive system: electric motor with speed reducer as appropriate 

/ An agitator shaft

/ One or more impellers 

/ A sealing device around the shaft where it passes through the tank if the operation takes place under pressure or at high temperature 

 LUMPP mixers are designed to operate continuously in demanding industrial environments, such as water treatment or hydrometallurgy applications. They are also suitable for batch process industries such as fine and speciality chemicals.  

The impeller rotation speed and motor power are defined by our experts based on the needs of the industrial application.   

LUMPP agitators and mixers can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel (316L, 904, duplex, super duplex), nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium. They are also available with rubber, Ebonite, Halar, PTFE and PVDF coatings. 

HASLER Group support services for LUMPP universal agitators and mixers with seals


To improve the performance of your equipment and the availability of your industrial agitation installations, our experts can help you with:  

/ Technical audits or industrial process audits and material testing: product characterisation through rheology tests, validation of mixture behaviour using CFD. 

/ On-site services such as installation, installation supervision, commissioning, maintenance, remote assistance or repair. 

/ Upgrade, retrofit and modernisation services to make your agitation equipment more reliable: dealing with material fatigue (mechanical reinforcement, blades, shafts, etc.). 

/ Upgrade/retrofit services to improve your industrial agitation processes: changes and improvements to processes (better yield, homogenisation, dilution, chemical reaction etc.), equipment performance (homogenisation, dilution, reaction etc.). 

/ Mechanical retrofit and upgrade services for your agitators and mixers: repairs to broken equipment (changing parts, shafts, impellers, seals, supports, junction flanges etc.), obsolescence of existing equipment. 

/ Upgrade/retrofit/modernisation services to adapt your agitators and mixers to the constraints of your environment: mixture properties (corrosive or abrasive products etc.), atmosphere (saline, corrosive air, explosive atmosphere etc.). 

/ Training on your agitation equipment to upgrade the skills of your maintenance or production teams. 

/ Advice and supply of spare parts: impeller shafts, blades and propellers, mechanical seals, geared motors and parts kits, torque limiters.