LUMPP side-entry horizontal industrial mixer

LUMPP SIDE-ENTRY MIXER : High-performance solution for continuous industrial agitation and mixing

LUMPP side-entry mixers are designed to be mounted on the sides of tanks. They provide efficient continuous mixing by generating turbulence using a high-speed rotor, making them particularly suitable for homogenising large volumes with compact, energy-saving equipment. 

They operate with a horizontal shaft connected to a high-speed motor and blades designed to generate a circulating movement to facilitate fluid mixing. They can be installed on DIN or ASME flanges, either vertical or inclined by 7 to 10°.  

LUMPP side-entry horizontal mixers are used in a variety of industries to mix large volumes of fluids in tanks or vats. They offer a cost-effective, space-saving and easy-to-maintain solution. 

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Mixing performance

Thanks to their design, these mixers ensure an optimum blend for large volumes of fluid, limiting dead zones (areas of low fluid speed) to guarantee product quality and reduce processing times.


They can be installed on small tanks, offering substantial savings in terms of materials, maintenance and energy.

Economical, high-performance alternative

They are an excellent alternative to vertical mixers for storage applications, as they are much more compact and thus a more economical investment.

Space optimisation

The side installation of these industrial mixers saves space compared with conventional models, which require a larger opening in the tank.

Simplified installation and maintenance

An exclusive system for removing the mechanical seal without emptying the tank can be fitted on request. It comprises a secondary static sealing system that preserves the sealing function when the mechanical seal is removed, enabling this operation to be carried out while the tank is still full. This is possible without dismantling the speed reducer. Specific tooling is supplied by the HASLER Group teams.

Simplified servicing and maintenance

LUMPP horizontal mixers feature a motor and speed reducer positioned outside the tank, making servicing easier than with a submersible agitator.

Robust and reliable

Thanks to their mechanical sealing system (single or double), your installation will remain perfectly operational for many years to come.

ATEX safety

ATEX compliance for installation in potentially explosive areas.



Polymers, resins, adhesives, solvents, suspensions and pastes…


Wastewater treatment, pH adjustment...


Powders, granules and liquids in the production of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and syrups...

Description of the LUMPP side-entry horizontal mixer


The operation of LUMPP side-entry mixers is based on a horizontal shaft installed through the side of a tank, connected to a motor generating rapid rotation to create turbulence and promote efficient fluid mixing.  

The propellers of this continuous mixer are attached to the shaft and produce a circulating motion that mixes the fluids. Customisable with different propellers for axial or radial flow, these horizontal agitators adapt to any application: mixing, dispersion or solid suspension. They can adjust their speed depending on the viscosity and density of the fluids, allowing precise control of the mixing intensity.  

This industrial agitation equipment can be fitted with optional accessories such as baffles and flow control devices to optimise mixing, reduce energy consumption and improve fluid circulation by preventing vortex formation. 

The LUMPP horizontal mixer is specially designed to operate as part of a continuous process while meeting safety standards (ATEX certification). 

/ Motor power: 0.55 to 55 kW
/ Speed: 1.5 to 350 revolutions per minute (rpm)
/ Shaft length: up to 1,500 mm
/ Impeller diameter : up to 800 mm 
/ Wet parts: carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel, nickel-based alloys

HASLER Group global support services for LUMPP mixers

Our experts in LUMPP horizontal industrial agitation solutions offer:  

/ Computer simulations using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate the agitation of a product in a tank in three dimensions, making it easier to develop, optimise and validate mixer systems in accordance with the specifications, based on the calculations involved and their interpretation. 

/ On-site services ranging from installation to commissioning of industrial agitation equipment

/ A complete support package: maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts (mixer shafts, blades and propellers, mechanical seals, geared motors and torque limiters). 

/ Rheology audits and tests. 

/ Services designed to upgrade/recondition equipment in order to: 

  • Make your industrial mixing processes more reliable: dealing with material fatigue (mechanical reinforcement, blades, shafts, etc.) 
  • Make your processes more efficient: optimising your mixing processes by adapting them to new constraints, improving yield, homogenisation, dilution, chemical reaction etc. 
  • Improve your anaerobic digestion process mechanically: dealing with obsolete equipment when it breaks down (changing parts: shafts, impellers, seals, supports, junction flanges etc.) 
  • Provide advice on how to improve the environment: mixture properties (corrosive or abrasive products, etc.); atmosphere (saline, corrosive air, explosive atmosphere etc.)

/ A wide range of training modules on the use, optimisation and maintenance of your industrial mixers.