Filtres Philippe® Horizontal vacuum belt filter

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Systems

horizontal vacuum belt filters

Filtres Philippe® horizontal vacuum belt filters provide an ideal solution for solid-liquid separation.

Technology and expertise ensure 98% uptime – and enable us to meet process requirements. Filtres Philippe®  is dedicated for mineral or bulk chemical processing application.

The belt is a key component, as well as a significant portion of system cost. Our filter cloth and rubber belt system are optimized because we manufacture and test our own belts. We have dedicated facilities at our plant, in Le-Mêle-Sur-Sarthe. Then, we run the belt on a proprietary robotic machine to remove residual stresses, true edges, cut grooves, and bore drain holes. Our belts are factory spliced and hot vulcanized, and feature chemically bonded belt curbs (patented) to ensure a long life. The modular construction of our belt filter ensures the highest operating efficiency, and easy access for routine maintenance – as well as a perfect alignment. Frames are constructed from the highest quality steels and are assembled by bolting together for simpler disassembly. The belt can be replaced from the top, speeding change-out in facilities with limited access. The exclusive tilting vacuum box design enables quick inspections as well as easy access to replaceable wear strips.

In the last years, HASLER Group has also developped new solutions to reduce water consumption (up to 100% recycling) wich can be implemented for your projects.

Finaly, the main advantages of our horizontal vacuum belt filter are

  • Operating factor up to 99%
  • Washing Efficiency
  • Large filtration range (0,25m² à 200m²)
  • Availabilty à Up to 98%
  • Easy maintenance and utilization
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    Key features

    • Available in a wide range of sizes from lab-scale units of 0.25 m² (2.69 ft²) to large production systems of 200 m² (2,152 ft²)
    • Multiple washing and drying zones
    • Rubber-lined tail and head pulleys with a single steel shaft to ensure corrosion resistance and stiffness that eliminates torsion effects
    • Innovative belt support system with water-lubricated endless wear belts and replaceable slides to reduce friction and ensure that the belt remains flat and in contact with the vacuum box
    • Cloth tensioning and guiding system features easy adjustment for optimum running efficiency and long cloth life.
    • Optimised cloth and belt cleaning to reduce water consumption and extend operating life (high pressure wash, chemical wash, ultrasonic wash)

    Why Filtres Philippe® beltfilters ?

    Experience and personalised options make Filtres Philippe® the leading choice on the market for your filtration and separation needs. Designing and engineering filters for over a century, we have successfully installed filtration systems in hundreds of leading mineral processing and bulk chemical production facilities worldwide. At HASLER Group, we focus on increasing productivity and profitability by reducing product loss, operating and maintenance costs and optimising utility usage. We provide a total package, including PLC control, with engineering and installation support for all civil and mechanical works.

    Vacuum box

    Rubber belt

    Cake discharge

    Product specifications

    Frame materials

    • Standard: Painted carbon steel
    • Optional: 316, 316L, 304L stainless steel. Vacuum belt construction
    • Standard : SBR (HT ot LT), hot vulcanized with cold bonded curbs (Natural rubber)
    • Option : belt : EPDM or Butyl rubber, curbs : EPDM

    Filter cloth media

    • Materials: monofilament, multifilament, and felt
    • Weave style: plain, twilled, or satin
    • Wide range of mesh sizes, porosities and breaking strengths available

    Operating parameters

    • Temperature: up to 230° F (110° C)
    • Vacuum: -100mm Hg up to -650mm Hg
    • Belt speed: 3.28 ft./minute (1m/minute) to 164 ft./ minute (50m/minute)
    • Cake thickness: .12 in. (3 mm) to 4.72 in. (120 mm)
    • Final moisture content: as low as 4%
    • Minimum Temp : - 5°C
    • Minimum environment Temp : +5°C

    Standard features

    • Factory-vulcanized endless belt with patented belt curbs that flex and follow pulleys closely
    • Structural steel frame with no welded parts
    • Easily accessible pneumatic tilting vacuum box
    • Belt support system featuring water-lubricated endless wear belts and replaceable HDPE slide rails
    • Rubberized pulleys with one-piece steel shaft
    • Rigid filtrate/gas pipes
    • Fully automatic cloth tracking system
    • Pneumatically driven cloth tension system with no counterweights
    • Drip-proof discs to protect pulley and roller bearings

    Optional features

    • Choice of single or multiple discrete wash-dry zones
    • Wide range of feeder styles available to suit your slurry and process
    • Washing boxes and mobile dams to meet your application needs
    • Available high-pressure and acid washing of filter cloth
    • Dry or wet cake discharge

    Filtration area

    Filtering surface (m2)
    1 (for laboratory test)