Rotary weigh feeder

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Available models : 1500 – 1800 – 2200

The ROTAWEIGH is a rotary multicells weigfeeder. The feeding should be regulated upstream, via a flow control gate.
The neutral point of the weighing system is in line with the inlet in order to exclude influences of the material above the ROTAWEIGH .
The rotation speed is adjusted to get the measured flow constant and equal to the given set point.
The ROTAWEIGH is delivered with an inverter model AT V32 from SCHNEIDER brand that is specially programmed to ensure safety in the event of temporary blocking of the rotor


  • Kiln feeding : Raw Meal
  • Cement blending

Customer benefits

  • Accuracy : ± 0,5%
  • Material moisture : < 1 %
  • Particle size : < 1 mm
  • Several diameters
  • Easy maintenance and commissioning
  • Complete tightness
  • Material quantity measured over 270°
  • Easily removable wear elements
  • ABS system thanks to drive integrated torque limiter
  • Rotation control
  • High temperature version : up to 130 ° C continuously


  • Analogl load cells
  • ATEX Version
  • Maintenance Kit

Mobile application

The SCM-3 is supplied with a Process Display Unit off ering a 5-inch touch screen and 16.7 million colors.
As an option a mobile application is proposed.


Informations and signals from the feeder sensors are processed in the SCM controller which calculates the flowrate, the totalization and the regulation signal.
Detailed alarm informations are obtained via the display (SDU).

Flow controllers for SCM-3 weight loss feeders

Field version SCM-3-F-260.001-E or panel version SCM-3-P-260.001-E

Examples for feeding

Rotary weigh feeder /// Rotaweigh


Technical details

Height upper rotorAmm90010001200
Total heightBmm215025002700
Inlet diameterEmm440520630
Height inlet / outletFmm209324302630
Output diameterGmm440520630
Gap input / outputHmm7558821082
Max Flowratem³/h210360650
Approximate PowerKW35.57.5

Materials of construction

  • Frame, stator and rotors : Steel
  • Sealing removable parts : depend on the application. (ie : highly abrasive materials).

Protection class of electrical components

IP55 or IP65 depending on component type

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