Publication : 06 March 2024


Shaping Industries with versatile filtration and kneading solutions since 1927 

Since its establishment near Rouen, in France, AOUSTIN has been at the forefront of providing  cutting-edge solutions to industries. With a global presence and a diverse range of services, AOUSTIN has become a trusted name in the filtration and kneading field. 

From its humble beginnings to its current worldwide reach, AOUSTIN has relentlessly expanded its horizons, fostering strong relationships with clients and partners. Through its network of operations, AOUSTIN has successfully catered to a diverse range of industrial sectors, offering customized filtration services aligned with the unique requirements of each project.  

AOUSTIN product range 

AOUSTIN is a renowned player for its vaccum table filter and UCP continous kneader.  

The hallmark of AOUSTIN’s success lies in its advanced technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge of industrial stakes, process, mechanisms and settings. 

With an in-depth understanding of market demands, the AOUSTIN delivers personalized filtration and kneading solutions that optimize processes, improve efficiency, enhance productivity and therefore meet required industrial performance. 

Industrial filtration solutions
Palettes du système de malaxage pour laboratoire UCP 25 de HASLER Group


  • 1927: AOUSTIN family creates AOUSTIN company.   
  • 1960 : AOUSTIN industrial filters are successfully deployed specifically catering to phosphoric acid production.  
  • 1981: AOUSTIN integrates FILTRES PHILIPPE
  • 1993: AOUSTIN integrates MALAXEURS GUITTARD. 
  • 1996: AOUSTIN integrates FILTRES VERNAY. 
  • 2001: AOUSTIN integrates DOVER company, also owner of Ronningen-Petter. 
  • 2002 :  FILTRES AOUSTIN, FILTRES PHILIPPE and RONNINGEN-PETTER merge to create RPA Process Technologies company. 
  • 2011: JFI acquires RPA Process. 
  • 2016: JFI becomes HASLER Group. 
  • Today : AOUSTIN table filter and continuous kneader are recognized as a key solution for continuous process industries. 



Originally rooted in the petro-chemical industry, AOUSTIN company has continuously broadened its horizons over time. 

Since 1960, AOUSTIN table filters have been successfully deployed in phosphoric process for washing and dehydration of phosphate, phosphogypsum, clarification and desulfation of phosphate. This extensive presence has firmly established AOUSTIN as a frontrunner in filtration technology able to tackle the most complex process challenges. 

AOUSTIN table filter

AOUSTIN filters offering is designed to ensure enduring efficiency highly required for the process of dewatering and filtration that involves numerous stages and can be time-consuming and inefficient 

Enhancing any industrial continuous process begins with selecting the appropriate equipment. 

Today, AOUSTIN filters span across a diverse range of six major industries on the globe: phosphoric acid, aluminum, zinc, cadmium, potash brine, sodium chloride (NaCl) and phosphate rock. 

AOUSTIN table filters provide expertise in filtration solutions for filtration areas, spanning 9 m² to 250 m² (96 – 2690 ft²). Owing to their unique design and construction, they are renowned for their operational flexibility and low operating costs.  


In addition to its filtration expertise, AOUSTIN developed reliable equipment to meet demanding chemical, polymerization and crystallization processes. One such innovation is the AOUSTIN continuous kneader – a specialized industrial equipment designed for continuous mixing.  

AOUSTIN continuous mixer is designed to mix, knead and blend a range of ingredients for viscous applications. It enables several phases to be combined in a single process: homogenisation, mixing, kneading, micro-mixing, shearing, chemical reaction, degassing, purification, melting, crystallisation, cooking, compacting, densification, disintegration, grinding,… 

Since 2011, AOUSTIN product range is part of HASLER Group whose collective mission, vision, and values drive creativity, customer-centricity, and unwavering commitment to industrial performance.

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