Publication : 13 February 2024


Expertise in industrial mixers and kneaders for high-viscosity materials since 1949 

Founded in 1949, GUITTARD has gradually grown into a respected brand with a presence in the international market, offering innovative services in the field of industrial continuous process solutions. Over the years, GUITTARD expanded its product range through RPA Process, introducing a diverse range of batch mixers, granulators, and continuous processors to our process equipment offerings.  

GUITTARD product range 

GUITTARD MIXERS takes pride in its deep understanding of the market and field, offering essential services to a diverse range of industries. Their expertise spans across various areas, including continuous kneaders, industrial extruders, z-blade kneaders, and comprehensive kneading solutions for powder, granular, slurry, liquid, and pasty processes.  



  • 1949: Mr. GUITTARD founds GUITTARD company 
  • 2002: GUITTARD integrates RPA Process Technologies, a company created by the merger of FILTRES AOUSTIN, FILTRES PHILIPPE and RONNINGEN-PETTER. 
  • 2011: JFI acquires RPA Process. 
  • 2016: JFI becomes HASLER Group. 
  • Today: GUITTARD product range incorporates the latest technologies, designed to deliver a complete and homogeneous blend, thoughtfully addressing the complexities of mixing high-viscosity materials. 


GUITTARD has a long history of providing its customers with the performing products and services. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that make its products a good choice for a variety of applications in continuous process industries. 

GUITTARD mixers and kneaders are used to produce a wide range of products including adhesives, ceramics, dyes, colors/pigments, lubricants, metals, pasta, food, molded mixes, rubber, explosives, and pharmaceutical products. 

If you are looking for a high-quality, innovative, and reliable mixing or extruding system, then GUITTARD is a good choice. The company has a long history of providing its customers with quality equipment, and it offers a wide range of features and benefits that make its products a good choice for a variety of applications.  

GUITTARD expertise is built on 3 key pillars: 

  • Experience: GUITTARD has over 70 years of knowledge in the design and manufacturing of mixing and extruding equipment. The company has a deep understanding of the mixing process and the different types of equipment that are available. 
  • Technology oriented: our team of engineers is trained to help you to prescribe and select the best agitation and mixing technology for your continuous processes. 
  • Quality: GUITTARD products are made from high-quality materials and components. The products are strictly quality controlled. Our process in place ensures that its products meet the specifications required for each application. 


The MXE has an extrusion screw that not only enhances the mixing process but also transfers and forms the final product, enabling the mixer to be easily integrated into a continuous production system. It features a rugged drive mechanism designed for high-viscosity mixing applications. This product integrates a very efficient torque transfer, reliable operation and a long operating life even with the most challenging applications.  

Kneaders for high viscosity materials

GUITTARD DOUBLE SIGMA BLADE, a laboratory system: 

The double sigma blade is a laboratory mixing system that is ideal for high-viscosity materials. It has a rugged design and an extrusion screw that enhances the mixing process and transfers the final product.  

Since 2013, GUITTARD product range is part of HASLER Group whose collective mission, vision, and values drive creativity, customer-centricity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.    

Kneading system for continuous process

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