Publication : 06 February 2024


HASLER industrial dosing expertise since 1944 

At the forefront of European enterprises, HASLER stands as a global leader in industrial dosing solutions.  

Specialized in the development of technologies and products tailored specifically for bulk materials, our reach extends worldwide, as we provide high-tech equipment that meets the stringent precision and reliability standards essential to heavy industry manufacturing processes.  

Industrial dosing system

HASLER dosing product range 

At the heart of HASLER’s philosophy lies an astute expertise and knowledge of its markets’ constraints. 

This understanding fuels its commitment to designing and developing products that cater specifically to the intricate demands of diverse industries. From belt feeders, scales, and conveyors to calibration chains, dosing systems 

Hasler industrial dosing
Industrial weighing and dosing solutions


HASLER Frères company was founded in 1944 by two brothers: Manfred and Rico HASLER. Over its expansion, HASLER offices were born in key locations: Madrid and Tambov in 2007, Kuala Lumpur and Cecina in 2006, and Shanghai in 2005. The culmination of these efforts resulted in the foundation of HASLER Group in 2016, encompassing several industry leading companies : LUMPP, RPA Process, and HASLER International. 

  • 1944: Manfred and Rico HASLER establish HASLER Frères.  
  • 2005: Inauguration of HASLER offices in Shanghai, China.  
  • 2006: Establishment of HASLER offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Cecina, Italy.  
  • 2007: Expansion and opening of HASLER offices in Madrid, Spain, and Tambov, Russia.  
  • 2016: The companies LUMPP, RPA Process, and HASLER International merge to become HASLER Group. 
HASLER Brothers

Brand’s Expertise: 

HASLER has firmly established itself as a prominent global leader in industries that highly value quality, precision and reliability. Operating in over 150 countries, HASLER offers a wide variety of products tailored to the specific needs heavy duty industries. These products cater to a broad range of sectors, from aiding in the handling of bulk materials using belt feeders and conveyor scales to pioneering advanced dosing solutions, industrial weighing, and flow metering.  

Underpinning its commitment to excellence, HASLER dosing solutions is supported by a dedication to customer satisfaction and industrial performance. This commitment is based through its wide range of expertise whose scope include diagnosing and resolving issues and providing on-site training, all contributing to the seamless enhancement of operational efficiency. 

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