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Industrial mixing expertise since 1875 

Established in 1875, LUMPP has been a major player in the design and construction of agitation solutions. It has continuously expanded its expertise in the chemical industry and diversified into a myriad of other domains. Thanks to the wide range of LUMPP mixers and their proven efficiency, it’s always possible to find the optimum mixing system for your needs. Whatever their size or complexity, the benefits to users and the reliability of our agitation systems always come first.  

Industrial mixers and agitators LUMPP

LUMPP product range 

LUMPP delivers top-notch agitation solutions tailored to the needs to continuous process industries with a comprehensive portfolio: industrial mixers and agitators, including double movement agitators, high viscosity mixers, horizontal and vertical agitators, and heavy-duty mixers. 


  • 1875 : Oscar LUMPP founds LUMPP company and acquires a small business dealing with steam engines and gas industry equipment 
  • 1912 : LUMPP is designing new industrial mixing solutions for liquid homogenization. 
  • 1918 : the company expanded into machinery for tanning and dyeing, later shifting focus to manufacturing machinery for the chemical industry. 
  • 2013 : LUMPP company integrates HASLER Group 
  • Today : LUMPP product line is specialized in providing a wide range of industrial mixers and agitators, including high viscosity and double movement agitators, industrial rakes and water treatment agitators.  
Industrial mixers and agitators LUMPP, expert since 1875


LUMPP expertise is built on 3 major key pillars: 

  • Performance: LUMPP industrial mixers, agitators and rakes are designed to meet the highest performance standards in the industry. Its team of experienced engineers uses the latest technology to design and manufacture its mixers. LUMPP mixers are also subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the required high specifications. 
  • Quality: LUMPP industrial mixing solutions are made from high-quality materials and components.Stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials are used in LUMPP mixers, as well as precision-machined components to ensure accuracy and reliability.LUMPP has a strict quality control process in place to ensure that its products meet the highest standards. 
  • Reliability: LUMPP industrial agitators, mixers and rakes are designed to be reliable and durable. It uses a variety of design features to improve reliability. For example, LUMPP mixers have a sealed bearing system that protects the bearings from contaminants and prolongs their life. 

LUMPP mixers, agitators and rakes span across a wide range of industrial operations on the globe: water treatment, chemical and petrochemical industry, flue gas desulfurization, paper industry, phosphoric industry, hydrometallurgy. 

LUMPP mixing solutions
LUMPP's range of agitators and mixers

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