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Industrial filtration solutions for liquid/solid separation since 1882 

Established in the vibrant city of Paris in 1882, FILTRES PHILIPPE has grown into a brand dedicated to providing filtration equipment and services for liquid/solid separation.  Today FILTRES PHILIPPE is associated with cutting-edge filtration solutions, catering to various industries.  

Over 1000 FILTRES PHILIPPE’s Horizontal belt filters have been deployed across over 80 countries, making a significant impact especially on continuous processing for leading mineral and chemical production facilities. 

Expert in liquid-solid filtration filters PHILIPPE

FILTRES PHILIPPE product range

With a proven track record of success in over 200 industrial operations, FILTRES PHILIPPE is a leading expert in liquid/solid filtration technology. Its history is a testament to its dedication to advancing filtration processes, consistently raising the bar for quality and performance. 


  • 1882: Alfred PHILIPPE founds PHILIPPE company. 
  • 1883: the cloth pocket invented by Alfred PHILIPPE finds its application in ink and paint filtration. 
  • 1947: FILTRES PHILIPPE reaches a milestone by developing the first industrial vacuum belt filter for phosphoric acid filtration, offering a novel approach to this process.  
  • 2001:  FILTRES PHILIPPE integrates DOVER company, also owner of Ronningen-Petter. 
  • 2002:  FILTRES AOUSTIN, FILTRES PHILIPPE and RONNINGEN-PETTER merge to create RPA Process Technologies company. 
  • 2011:  JFI acquires RPA Process. 
  • 2016: JFI becomes HASLER Group 
  • Today: PHILIPPE horizontal vaccum belt filters are recognized as a key industrial filtration solutions for liquid/solid separation


FILTRES PHILIPPE’s Horizontal belt filters have been installed in over 83 countries, leaving their mark across 43 diverse markets and industries. From 1954 to nowadays, over 1000 vacuum belt filters have been installed across the globe.  

Over 140 years of experience, FILTRES PHILIPPE vacuum belt filters have a proven track record of success in the fine chemicals, mining, minerals and metals industries as well as in pharmaceuticals, food processing, environmental technology, dyes, pigments…  

Demanding industries such as chemical processing, mining, and minerals extraction require reliable dewatering and product recovery, which is essential for smooth production. 

Common materials successfully filtered with vacuum belt filters include sand, gypsum, lime, ore, sulfur, industrial minerals, and fly ash. 

By tackling industrial core challenges, FILTRES PHILIPPE does not only generate enduring value but also foster growth in all the industrial continuous process it caters to. 

Through its materials experience, FILTER PHILIPPE offers you heavy-duty, lasting and efficient filters designed with materials that will withstand severe operations working conditions.  

FILTRE PHILIPPE horizontal vacuum belt filters are most often manufactured with an all-steel design. However, we offer advice on different materials depending on your application and environment. Aside from the durable materials used, we also offer a reliable and maintenance-friendly filter. 

Our experience has shown that simplicity, clarity, and reliability are the most important factors for successful filter implementation

PHILIPPE expertise in industrial filtration
Industrial filtration solutions

FILTRES PHILIPPE solutions offer unmatched throughput and minimal residual cake moisture content, while also ensuring cost-effective operations

FILTRES PHILIPPE Vacuum belt filters use a continuously moving flexible transport belt to separate solids from liquids. The belt travels between two deflection rollers, forming a tubular channel on the surface with the assistance of side bars. A vacuum is applied to the belt, drawing the liquid through the filter cloth and draining it away. The solid components remain on the filter cloth, forming the filter cake. At the end of the belt, the filter cloth is detached from the conveyor belt by the rear deflector roller. The conveyor belt returns to the front deflection cylinder, while the filter cloth is moved to another cylinder, where it is deflected and the filter cake is removed. The filter cloth is then washed and reused. 

Since 2011, FILTRES PHILIPPE product range belongs to HASLER Group whose collective mission, vision, and values drive creativity, customer-centricity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.   

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