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Delivering vacuum filtration to the highest levels of performance since 1869. 

Established in 1869 near Lyon in France, FILTRES VERNAY product range symbolises the success of an industrial adventure, the author of major innovations like VERNAY rotary drum filter. 

It takes pride in providing a range of filtration solutions that have occasionally contributed to significant inventions like the vacuum drum filter in 1910.  

VERNAY rotary drum vacuum filter has been developed for continuous industrial processes with liquid/solid separation. 

The rotary drum filter is a reliable and versatile filter that is widely used in the food and chemical process industries. It consists of a rotating drum that is immersed in a trough filled with slurry. When differential pressure is applied, the slurry is drawn through the filter cloth on the drum, leaving behind a cake of solids. The cake is then removed from the drum and the process is repeated. 

VERNAY Filtration solutions
Industrial filtration system VERNAY

Product range 

Since its creation FILTRES VERNAY developed its expertise in the field of filtration, serving a wide range of industries with dedication and care. As its rotary drum filters, FILTRES VERNAY owns essential values such as quality, reliability and versatility.  

A successful industrial plant depends on the integration of the key process units with properly selected ancillary equipment and the right facility design. Ease of operation, rugged construction, performance, and adapted customer services are all trademarks of VERNAY FILTERS. 


  • 1869: creation of FILTRES VERNAY by Jean-Baptiste VERNAY in MEYZIEU close to Lyon (FRANCE). 
  • 1996: FILTRES VERNAY is integrated by AOUSTIN company. 
  • 2001: AOUSTIN company integrates DOVER company, owner of RONNINGEN-PETTER. 
  • 2002: FILTRES VERNAY integrates RPA Process Technologies, a company created by the merger of FILTRES AOUSTIN, FILTRES PHILIPPE and RONNINGEN-PETTER. 
  • 2011: JFI acquires RPA Process. 
  • 2016: JFI becomes HASLER Group. 
  • Today: VERNAY table filter is recognized as a key solution for continuous process industries.   


FILTRES VERNAY has an impressive track record of serving a wide array of industries, including small and medium-sized industrial plants requiring filtering areas from 1 to 50 m². With an extensive global presence, FILTRES VERNAY equipment has been successfully implemented in a total of over 80 countries since 1959.  

VERNAY rotating vacuum filters, also known as rotary drum filters, are essential equipment in many production processes. They are ideal for filtering liquids with a high solid content, such as slurries. 

VERNAY FILTERS is known for its ease of operation, robust construction, performance, and tailored customer service. This expertise is essential for the success of an industrial plant, which depends on the integration of key process units, on well-chosen ancillary equipment and on effective facility design. 

VERNAY Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter consists of a rotating cylinder, partially immersed in a tank containing the suspension to be filtered. This drum is divided into 2 independent sectors, sealed from each other and covered with a filter cloth. Each sector is connected by piping to the vacuum “distributor” head. During rotation, the solid-liquid separation takes place in the submerged part, and the solid is washed and dewatered before being discharged. 

Since 2011, FILTERS VERNAY product range is part of HASLER Group whose collective mission, vision, and values drive creativity, customer-centricity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.   

VERNAY industrial drum filter

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