Publication : 03 August 2020


In 2012, HASLER Group entered the materials processing business by acquiring RPA Process, a company with over 50 years’ experience in this field.

A few years later, a major sealant manufacturer based near Paris issued a call for tenders for a Z-arm mixer.

After studying the tender, HASLER Group decided to offer an innovative continuous solution rather than focusing on a traditional batch mixer. Trials were carried out with this in mind, with the challenge of producing a complex recipe to tight deadlines.

After selling three trials and obtaining approval for a complete project, including feasibility studies and industrial dimensioning, HASLER Group saw encouraging results both technically and financially. This success led to the setting up of a pilot site after two years of trials, enabling tests and sampling to be carried out with a view to producing batches for testing with customers. The challenge was to move from laboratory equipment to pilot equipment, then to industrial equipment, while managing changes in volume.

The customer therefore acquired pilot equipment that met the required sales and performance conditions, with the aim of producing samples to test the feasibility of setting up industrial production lines.

industrial mastic

The AOUSTIN continuous mixer is specially designed for mixing, blending and mixing various ingredients in viscous applications. It offers the possibility of combining several phases in a single process, including homogenisation, mixing, blending, micro-mixing, shearing, chemical reactions, degassing, purification, melting, crystallisation, curing, compacting, densification, disintegration, and grinding.

The transition to a continuous line will enable the customer to increase its production capacity in the same space previously used for batch production, while developing more complex recipes. It will also deliver significant cost savings and a significant return on investment.

As a result, the customer will be producing in a more efficient and innovative way compared with its current methods.