Publication : 17 July 2019


What is industrial mixing ?

These processes involve the suspension of solid particles, the mixing of miscible liquids, the dispersion of a gas throughout the liquid, and the dispersion of a second liquid to create an emulsion.

Scheme of industrial mixing
  • Facilitate mass transfer and reactions across viscosities.
  • Mixing within the same tank can be highly adaptable, requiring mixer designs that can accommodate different processes.
  • Consideration of the pressure and temperature conditions within the tank is essential.
  • Dealing with hazardous environments: ATEX compliance.

Chemical Market Industrial Mixers

Under the LUMPP® brand, the HASLER Group offers a comprehensive range of equipment designed to improve performance and ensure effective homogenisation to promote reactions.

High performance propellers

  • Axial flow propeller
  • Combination of a propeller + impeller with inclined blades or Rushton turbine.
  • Anchor or ribbon for viscous liquid
HASLER Group propeller

Industrial mixers for chemical applications

Industrial mixers for chemical applications
Scheme of industrial mixers

Optional implements for chemical market

Options to facilitate the flushing

  • Impeller welded onto the shaft or hub with a specialized design to prevent retention areas.
  • Sealing system comprises a single flushed mechanical seal (either simple or twin).
  • Tank design without the need for coupling inside.

For higher viscosity :

  • Twin-flow or double-movement impeller
  • Ribbon impeller

Materials :

  • Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys
  • Zirconium
  • Titanium alloys
  • Tantalum
  • Corrosion and wear protection coatings
  • Pickled, passivated and/or polished materials

Mechanical seal dismounting device

To facilitate maintenance, we have developed a system for dismantling the mechanical seal without removing the spacer.

Pictures of mechanical seal dismounting

Aseptic hub design

Our removable hub design for aseptic media minimizes areas where material can be trapped.

Aseptic hub design - HASLER Group


30m3 tank, 220 C and 10 bar, installation in ATEX zone. Agitator 30kW at 63 rpm with lubricated mechanical seal.

Solvay industrial mixer

Modeling for customized sizing tailored to your requirements.

Prepare modelling

  • Provide precise geometric specifications.
  • Apply the appropriate numerical method or algorithm.

For higher viscosity :

  • Ensure a high level of precision
  • Optimize calculation time

Checking the result

  • Velocity magnitude
  • Streamlines
  • Pressure distribution
  • Any other physical parameters relevant for understanding fluid dynamics

Analyzing the results to determine the optimal mixing solution.