Publication : 06 August 2018


Equipment and solutions to improve food and beverage production

With the increasing global population, the demand for enhanced agricultural production processes becomes imperative.

At HASLER Group, we offer an extensive range of filtration and blending solutions to cater to your specific requirements.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry, we provide advanced filtration equipment for contaminant removal, along with high-quality mixing equipment from RPA Process to efficiently execute chemical reaction processes.

Our equipment portfolio includes:

With a century of reliability, our four brands offer unrivalled experience to recommend the ideal system for your processing requirements.

RPA Process offers adaptable equipment to meet the unique requirements of your application in the diverse food and beverage market.

Explore our wide range of equipment suitable for beverages, proteins, sugars, liquid sweeteners, chewing gum and more.

Some specific applications:

  • Filtre PHILIPPE® belt filter – Aspartame concentration
  • UCP™ continuous mixer – sorbitol crystallization
  • Filtre VERNAY® vacuum drum filter – Sugar cane juice purification

Benefit from our extensive food and beverage industry expertise as our filtration and mixing systems optimize efficiency, maximize operating factors, and elevate finished product quality.


How does mixing, simply defined as the work of viscous products, relate to the industrial priorities of today and tomorrow?
The following pages provide an overview of this perspective.