Publication : 04 June 2021

The soda ash production process

Amonia process: Synthetic Soda Ash

HOU Process

SOLVAY Process

HOU Process for synthetic soda ash
SOLVAY Process for synthetic soda ash

Tronia Refining: Natural Soda Ash

Monohydrate Process

Sesquicarbonate Process

Scheme of monohydrate process for natural soda ash
Scheme of sesquicarbonate process for natural soda ash

HASLER Group in the soda ash washing, dewatering & recovery process

HASLER range of products for Soda Ash process


  • Cake Moisture content (typical values between 15 – 16%)
  • Chloride removal (typical values lower <0,15% in soda ash)

Challenges / Solutions:

  • Corrosion (Wide range of resistant materials : FRP; 316L; 904L; U45N; …)
  • High Tonnages (belts, pipes designed for high dewatering capacity)
  • Dryer energy consumption : cake moisture reduction (up to 12% with cake pressure rollers, surfactants, …)

HASLER Group in soda ash dosing


  • High flow rate injection of powdered product
  • Precisely metered injection to maximise soda ash yield
  • Avoidance of dust emission

Challenges / Solutions:

  • Resting chamber filled & maintained at a constant level by double control loop with vertical shaft rotor for perfect flow management of product from storage to reactor
  • Weigh-regulated feeder achieves high accuracy of +/- 0.5% of setpoint flow rate
  • Multiple dust outlets along the resting chamber
  • Special dustproof seal
Dosing equipment for Soda ash

CaCo3 Rock Dosing

Dosing equipment for CaCo3 rock dosing


  • Injection of granular product at varying flow rates (medium to high) with a wide range of grain size and moisture content
  • Accurate feed injection to maximise soda ash yield
  • Avoidance of dust emission

Challenges / Solutions:

  • Modular design in length and width for workshop adaptation and process performance achievement
  • Weigh-regulated feeder that achieves high accuracy of +/- 0.5% of setpoint flow rate
  • Various options available against analysis of product characteristics

CaCo3 Flowmeter


  • Production rate recording (instant flow measurement)
  • Accurate and rugged flowmeter solution

Challenges / Solutions:

  • Parallel mounting of load cells
  • High resolution digital loadcell (1M pts) when very high accuracy is required
  • DUAL & TWIN version of the LET scale for
  • large and/or fast conveyor belts
  • TWIN: 2 loadcells in parallel across the belt
  • (for large conveyors)
  • DUAL: 2 stations weighed in series (for fast conveyors)
CaCo3 Flowmeter

HASLER Group in mill management

Range of products for mill management


  • Reduce mill power consumption
  • Protect grinding media from wear
  • Measure the reject rate in the mill’s recirculation loop

Challenges / Solutions:

  • Automatic calibration and adaptation to the quality of the material to be crushed
  • Remote control
  • Crosstalk compensation when several mills are used in parallel
  • Real-time adjustment of the fresh phosphate injection flow rate to the mill